Famous photographer ‘Leica Thailand Ambassador’ creates beautiful photos through the impressive Leica M11.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022, 6:00 a.m.

The legendary classic camera disciple “Leica” invites you to complete your photography experience with the latest digital technology of Leica in the Leica M family when Leica Camera Thailand (Leica Camera Thailand) by Danai Sorakraikitigul Launch of the new Leica camera “Leica M11” (Leica M11) with the development of all new functions from the popular Leica M10 model that was launched about 5 years ago, full of innovations in photography. super It combines the experience of traditional rangefinder photography with contemporary camera technology. and a newly modified menu system that is easy to understand and in order to visualize it more clearly This event was honored by 3 famous photographers as “Leica Thailand Ambassador” led by Tun Hiranyalawan, “Ad” Peerapat Wimonrangkarat and “Chat” Chatchawan Chantachotibutr created beautiful photos through the Leica M11 in the theme. Impressive “Legacy of Leica”

Danai Sorakraikitikul, Executive Director of Leica Camera Thailand revealed that the Leica M11 has set a new standard in digital photography. It is also the most flexible M-System camera in Leica history. At the heart of this camera is a full-frame BSI CMOS sensor with Triple Resolution technology that allows image files to be recorded in DNG and JPEG formats. at a resolution of 60, 36 or 18 million pixels using a full-area sensor at all times The 60-megapixel resolution option delivers unprecedented image quality. The special IR + UV cut-off filter consists of two ultra-thin sheets of glass that are sandwiched together, providing excellent correction of light even with incident light from oblique angles. A new color renderer allows the camera to reproduce colors more realistically and naturally.

Importantly, the Leica M11 retains the unique look of the Leica M camera as before, but one thing that is different is the intentional removal of the camera base plate that was originally there. To provide photographers with easy access to the battery and SD card slot, and in addition to the SD card slot, the Leica M11 offers up to 64GB of internal storage, making the M11 the first M model camera to record on. Two different storage media can be used. The 1800mAh battery holds 64% more power compared to the previous model. which, when combined with the more energy-efficient operation of this camera So photographers can use the camera continuously for much longer on a single charge. The camera’s battery can also be charged via the newly added universal USB-C port using a conventional USB-C charger.

In the perspective of famous photographers, Leica Thailand Ambassador, who first experienced the Leica M11, each of whom had an interesting photographic problem under the concept of “Legacy of Leica”, starting with ” Ad” Peerapat Wimonrangkarat Or in the photographer industry known as “ADDCANDID” chooses to reflect the perspective of photographs through Thai architecture that is full of eye-catching colors, saying that the charm of the Leica M11, in addition to the look that remains Leica. hand size and also on the button that is a special function that makes it easier and clearer to zoom in and can adjust the image to be larger or smaller conveniently which some cameras have limitations in this regard

“The photography problem that has been received in the matter of Legacy or legend. I brought the question further. Art has a longevity and is inherited like Bangkok. What is the inspiration from the past to the present? which color and delicacy are the uniqueness of Thai art. I chose to use the Arma lens for the Body M. Capture the atmosphere of Rattanakosin in the way you like. Like Wat Phra Kaew, I like the art of decorating glass. which the image reflected through the glass is beautiful and unusual Communicate the past in a present perspective without being direct. Or like the picture of Wat Arun taken through the fence is a private view. I think temple photography can be both a classic and a contemporary personal perspective.”

On the other hand, a young photographer who is passionate about nature, “Chat” Chatchawan Chantachotibutr with black and white photographs filled with dimensions of reflections on the water. He said that “I like being with nature. So I brought this to interpretation. While in Khao Lak, Phang Nga Province, I came across a scene of dead branches and aquatic plants in the lake. It reminds me of a picture of René Burri, a Swiss photographer named Former Summer Palace. Dead LotusFlowers on Kunming Lake. Bejing, China, taken in 1964. This photographer has always been shooting with a Leica camera. So it inspired me to take this set of photos that answer the question in two dimensions. First, let’s talk about the camera body, one of which reflects the Leica of the past. The other reflection represents Leica M. At some point the water splashed and distorted. I try to convey the legendary dimension of Laika rather than the mechanics of photography.”

Ending at the master of black and white photography, Libra Hiranyalawan. The president of the Photographic Society of Thailand under the Royal Patronage revealed that the charm of the Leica M lies in being a rangefinder that is separated from the receiver. The distance from the rear of the lens to the sensor is very short. Thereby reducing the light travel to the sensor, vibration or light movement is less compared to other models. thus giving a picture that is more sharp which, even if the shutter speed is slow, it is still sharp Or even blur is the blur that is the charm of Laika. And this charm is still inherent in the Leica M11 in its entirety, so I am very impressed. If you want to choose a camera to use to record memories. or what you want to be in our memories This is the best camera. And that’s the definition of Legacy of Leica.” The leading photographer in Thailand.

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