Famous Rapper “Top Lazyloxy” Condemns Online Threats towards “Beer The Voice” Ex-Boyfriend

Famous Rapper Calls Out Netizens for Threatening Comments on Ex-boyfriend of “The Voice” Star

By [Your Name], Staff Writer

In a recent social media post, renowned rapper “Top Lazyloxy” took a stand against online users who have been sending threatening remarks towards the ex-boyfriend of “The Voice” star, Beer. Expressing concern and frustration, the rapper issued a warning to these netizens to cease their disrespectful behavior.

It all started when private photos of Beer, whose real name is Phatsaranan Athamonkol, were leaked by an unknown individual. Outraged by this invasion of privacy, the singer enlisted legal assistance to pursue legal action against the person responsible for the unauthorized dissemination of these images.

However, the controversy did not end there. Pathaphob Pwlllan, popularly known as “Best Lazy,” who happens to be a former flame of Beer, also stepped forward to defend her. Addressing the issue through his Instagram story, Pathaphob spoke out against netizens who accused him of disrespecting Beer.

“Top Lazyloxy” revealed that despite their breakup, he still cares for Beer deeply and expressed concern about the drama she might face. Opening up about the end of their relationship, he confirmed that they parted ways amicably.

To those individuals who lacked civility and exhibited ignorance, “Beer – Top Lazyloxy” criticized their unintelligent comments and disrespectful attitude towards women. Ending his statement on a sharp note, he reminded them to always have the means to support themselves financially.

The accompanying photos in this article have been sourced from reallazylife and beerpassaranan.

Famous rapper “Top lazyloxy” posted to slam netizens. Warning to stop making threatening comments about “Beer The Voice” ex-boyfriend

After being a problem behind the female singer “Crw y Llais” or “Beer – Phatsaranan Athamonkol” The picture was dropped by a malicious person. This caused him to appoint a lawyer to take legal action against the person who leaked the photos.

Most recently, the ex-girlfriend of a famous rapper “best lazy” or “Pathaphob Pwlllan” It doesn’t just stay there, where does it come out? He came out to protect the girl “beer” Through his own IG story, real life, after being criticized by netizens for being disrespectful, saying

“Top Lazyloxy” opens up about breaking up and still loving him, worried about “Beer Patsaranan” facing drama.

“Beer – Top Lazyloxy” reveals the moment of his last day as a lover. It was confirmed that we had broken up on good terms.

“To all the civilized people who may have…but have no brains. Then he came out and made a stupid comment. disrespectful to women After finishing… myself Don’t forget to keep money handy. “…

Photos by: reallazylife and beerpassaranan

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