Famous Russian pop star condemns war in Ukraine – breaking news

Russian pop star condemns war in Ukraine

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On 19 September, the BBC reported that Alla Pugachewa One of Russia’s most popular pop stars condemns Russia’s war in Ukraine. by calling on the Russian authorities to declare his and “agent foreign” (foreign agent) to show solidarity with him Maxim Gulkin The husband is also a star in the entertainment industry. After Mr Galkin was identified as a foreign representative on Friday for his strong condemnation of Russia’s attack on the Ukraine.

The Russian government has designated media organizations, campaign groups and individuals as “foreign agents” if they openly criticize Russian government policies.

Pugacheva posted on social media: her husband a “True unfailing patriot of Russia. who want to prevent our young children from dying for fraudulent targets,” and that “the Russian government’s fraudulent targets in Ukraine have turned our country into heresy. and the lives of our citizens are very difficult.”

Pugacheva added that Gulkin, who is a Russian comedian, TV presenter and singer, wants the motherland to prosper, wants peace and freedom of speech

The move comes after Gulkin condemned the brutality of the Russian soldiers. and said that there was no legitimacy in the invasion of Ukraine. “Our approach is quite different. He made a very poor statement.”

Pugacheva was the biggest pop star in Russia for almost 50 years during the Soviet Union. and had the opportunity to meet President Putin on several occasions.

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