Famous singer, father, DJ Bael, worried about her child with Covid Friends of entertainment people were shocked and just realized they were children.

Former lead singer, father DJ Bael Be open to concern for children with COVID I had escaped COVID from America and returned to Thailand. Waiting for the child to disappear, probably will meet. Revealing friends of entertainment people were shocked to know that Bael was a son

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Mr. Thienpong Ploypetch, former lead singer The Generation DJ Matum Techin’s father opened up to Bright TV. After knowing that the child is infected with COVID-19 Worried, call him, tell him, okay, okay. He is young and healthy Met him very long before the new year, many work he has met since Nov. See you when I sing I am a singer Now sing at River City To come countdown Where I am opposite ICONSIAM

On January 1, he still called. Until he came to know the news of COVID We are not together Most will call to talk. His personality, like on TV, was cheerful about getting into the industry didn’t push him at all. When he entered the industry in a different country He is in germany I am in america When we broke up with his mother He brought the child to Germany. But talk to each other, call to talk with my sister Some of his sisters didn’t meet each other for 10 years until his sister came to a model contest. Then went to cheer in Germany and met all

Asked if he followed in the entertainment industry because his father was an artist, singer, father DJ, Bael revealed that it was a different era for more than 30 years.In the industry, we are singers. Have friends in the entertainment industry who know When he came to know Bael as well, he was shocked by our friends to become famous.

Now I have to wait for him to disappear before going to find him. Because he forbid visiting Talking to his mother was very stressful. Go to check with the child He is not but the child is He was worried that he could not sleep at all.

I am back in Thailand Coming from America in August, requesting the embassy to return to Thailand Because of COVID, America is heavy Now it’s even harder. Much better in Thailand, the food is delicious.

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