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Fan club Hae “Nadech” responds with a chance to marry “Yaya” not too long to wait – NineEntertain No. 1 entertainment news in Thailand

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Makes the NY fans of the hot hero “Nadech Kugimiya” and the female protagonist “Yaya Urassaya Sperbund” feel embarrassed after “Nadech” Live sings and talks to the fans. And giving fans the opportunity to ask questions they want to know. Through Facebook page Live at us and one fan representative shoots questions about the girl “Yaya” with great questions that many people want to know “when did you get married”

The aforementioned fan asked questions instead of many people directly, “When did Brother Bear get married?

On the other hand, Nadech smiled shyly before replying. “It’s an oh-so-good question. I can answer but oh (long voice) I’ll tell you. If you’re ready, I’ll tell you, okay?”

In addition, the aforementioned fans also shot a question that would make them feel more satisfied. “What do you do when you miss your girlfriend?

To which “Nadech” answered directly, “When I miss my boyfriend, tell him. not kept alone Because keeping it more will make you pull more than before. We have to find a way to convey that feeling in one way or another.” “If you miss someone, let them know. Tell me any way.”

Then the same fan asked, “Write a song for Yaya to sing with?Nadech replied with delight that “Already written for a song that will ask for sister Ya to come feature in the song as well. It’s actually a self-composed song, we should be able to listen to it next year. I’m currently in the process of decorating and composing.

Ended up with a question that made me smile. “Would you like me to post pictures with Yaya often?On the other hand, Nadech replied with sincerity that “I don’t often have the opportunity to take pictures together. During this time, he also works. Sister Ya works very hard. going to other provinces during this period So rarely have the opportunity to meet. Not often together I’ll post some cute pictures if I get them.”

Other fans praised the fan for asking the right questions. ask questions cute Ready to raise the position of the village representative to go. Nine Entertainment

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