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Fan Zhendong scored 8 points for himself after returning from the Tokyo Olympics

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Fan Zhendong scored 8 points for himself after returning from the Tokyo Olympics
Show domineering, not relying on nicknames and performance on the court

Guangzhou Daily (all-media reporter Yang Min) Fan Zhendong, who won the gold medal in the men’s table tennis team and the silver medal in the men’s singles at the Tokyo Olympics, has returned to China and is currently under quarantine in Beijing. After the Olympics, everyone should call him “Little Fatty” or “East Brother”. He felt that his nickname was not important. The show of domineering did not depend on his nickname, but on his performance on the field. For his performance in the Tokyo Olympics, he scored 8 points.

During the isolation period, Fan Zhendong maintained physical training and shot training videos in accordance with the team’s requirements. He revealed that he spent a lot of time in the Tokyo Olympics, not only because of the competition, but also because of the daily epidemic prevention. Therefore, after returning to China, he took advantage of the isolation period to take a good rest and think about the next plan.

Xu Xin recently broke the news in a live broadcast that the young people in the team have to eat two isolation meals for each meal. Netizens invariably thought of Fan Zhendong, nicknamed “Little Fatty”. As a result, Fan Zhendong denied it. “No, I just eat normally. If I am not fat, I have to eat two portions.” During the isolation period, Fan Zhendong also watched dramas, reads books, and listened to songs. Slow life.

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Fan Zhendong, who was born in Guangzhou, was very cute with a round head and round brain when he was a child, so he got the nickname “Fat Boy”. After being selected for the Bayi team and the national team, his coaches and teammates changed to calling him “little fat”. This call lasted more than ten years. Liu Guoliang, chairman of the Chinese Table Tennis Association, joked after the Tokyo Olympics that for Fan Zhendong, the future Chinese men’s table tennis successor, everyone should call “Dong Ge” instead.

For the nickname, Fan Zhendong feels that it is not important. “Everyone has called’chubby’ since I was a child, and there is no need to change it. I will use my performance to make everyone feel my domineering.” While thanking the netizens for their support, he also hopes that everyone will pay more attention to the game. he.

Just after participating in the first Olympic Games in his sports career, Fan Zhendong admitted that he has gained a lot, and there are many things that need to be summarized. His most obvious feeling is “responsibility”, because he represents the Chinese table tennis team to hit the Olympic gold medal, he scored 8 points for himself, thinking that he completed the task well, especially in the men’s team event with Ma Long and Xu Xin. The moment he won the gold, standing on the podium was the most memorable moment for him. In the men’s singles final, he regretted picking silver and felt that it was not perfect, but his opponent was Malone, winning or losing was normal. Whoever wins depends on the performance. Fan Zhendong feels that competitive sports will not develop completely according to his own vision. Many things need to be paid and opportunities must be seized. Therefore, he requires himself to take a correct view of winning or losing.

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For the 24-year-old Fan Zhendong, the Tokyo Olympics is a new starting point. Three years later, at the 2024 Paris Olympics, he is expected to lead the Chinese men’s table tennis to the gold medal as a leader. When sending a message to himself, Fan Zhendong said: “The first Olympic journey is over. I believe this is a comma, not a full stop. I hope I will continue to work hard.”


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