Fans are fussy, “Tong Tong”, posted a picture of “Father Bas” sitting on his lap and pouring out his heart, thanking him for giving him the opportunity.

Throwing a cute picture wishing a happy birthday “Tong Tong Krit” reveals a picture of “Father Bas Somrak” sitting down on IG Ready tomorrow, my heartfelt thanks for giving me the opportunity Before recounting the date that changed from calling me to call my father

Call it part of the family. “Kham Singh” It’s gone. For the young, bright-faced protagonist who loves girls like Tongtong Kritsakorn Kanokthorn” or “Tong Tong The Star” that often has a cute and warm scene together with the sweetheart’s house like “Base Rakwanee Khamsing” Let the fans keep their hearts fluttering.

Get distributed until you’re used to it! “Nam Rapeephat” showed a clear stance. Hand-to-hand method is not supported.

“Crab Blackhead” reveals that after the 3 needle booster is confused and blurry until accidentally overdose

Why revert the reason? “Pum Pui” did not reveal his son’s face.

Recently, today (19 Jan 2022) “Tong Tong Kritsakorn” do not miss the picture of Na Rak while “Father Bas Somrak” sitting on one’s lap Post a personal Instagram with a message to wish you a 49th birthday along with opening your deepest heart to Father Bas. and recounting the date that he changed from calling me to call my father through the caption that…

“Happy birthday. I wish my father much happiness. and wish you to be a loving father like this forever Thank you for giving people like me a chance. became part of the Khamsing family From the first day we met, I still remember. I still called my father P’ Somrak. As time passed, I still didn’t dare call my father. until my father told me not to call him brother!!! Let’s call him dad. Haha. Thank you for loving me and always thinking of me and being cute to me like I’m a real son. I want my father to know. no matter what the future father will encounter Or people in the Khamsing family will encounter any problems, this man will be beside his father and will be next to the Khamsing family. and we will get through it together own birthday size I still put on my shirt and refused to take it off. @seasonal.bkk Everyone told me to change, but they wouldn’t want to wear this one to my birthday party. Thank you very much. I love you dad. #I’m not bragging.

which after the young man Tong Tong has already revealed the post There were many fans who commented on birthday wishes and praised Dong Tong’s cuteness towards Father Bass and the Kamsing family.

Thank you Instagram : tongtong_thestar12 , bestkamsing

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