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‘More than 100 people came to Veerappan’s tomb in Moolakadu on Sunday with prayers and poojas full of worship and devotion. Sixteen years after his assassination, he continues to be a legendary figure and, to some, a cult figure who has shaken three states for decades. A crowd celebrates the day Veerappan was killed by placing a garland on his photo, lighting a lamp and decorating the tomb with flowers and garlands. They have no fear or disgust with the robber. On the contrary, devotion, humility and worship to Veerappan.

Despite the Kovid crisis, more than 100 people came to pay their respects to Veerappan. The tomb was filled with flowers and garlands. Some prayed with horseradish. Veerappan’s family also comes here every year to pay their respects. This time the police officers had come to write down the names, phone numbers and addresses of the visitors. A large section of people describe Veerappan as a magician blessed by God. Although there is no memorial hall, the place where Veerappan was buried is separated by bricks. This is where more than a hundred people come with Veerappan memories every year.

Where is Veerappan’s savings, Mahanidhi?

The ‘secret’ of the defeat of Gopinath Kuse Muniswamy Veerabhadra Gounder in front of him by the Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala police forces from 1983 to October 18, 2004 is still unclear. Veerappan Satyamangalam, who brutally killed police officers and gangsters for 21 years, has taken over the forest and the country. As of 2002, 138 people had been killed and looted. Of these, 31 are policemen. 2000 elephants were slaughtered and ivory worth Rs 12 crore, sandalwood worth Rs 400 crore was cut and sold and a stockpile of firearms including AK47 was made. But the question of where all this is still lingering. Without answer.

Veerappan used to bury the money from the sale of sandalwood and ivory in large iron boxes in the forest. Five years ago, a group of youths dug a tent during trekking in the Satyamangalam forest and got a box of money. The money boxes, ivory and weapons buried by Veerappan, who ruled the Satyamangalam forest for 21 years, are still lying dormant in the forest. So far, only a handful of landmines have been found and defused.

English Summary: Many┬ávisit Veerappan’s death place in his 16th death anniversary



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