Fans of Suyan Look Gillian Chung do not recognize Huo Wenxi and his twin in the same scene. Netizens cannot tell each other apart (13:43) – 20230128 – SHOWBIZ

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Article date: January 28, 2023

Manager Huo Wenxi (Mani) yesterday uploaded a photo of dinner with twins Noven and Gillian Chung (Gillian) on social platforms, and left a message: “I posted a photo with Zuzu (Joey Yung) and Sa (Charlene Choi) earlier. , everyone asked me where Gillian went. Today I finally saw Gillian who came back, and we ate a beautiful dinner together. My mother loves you! You are becoming more and more beautiful! “Gillian in the picture seems to have disappeared Make-up , show people without make-up, dress plain like the girl next door. Some netizens said, “The third picture, I thought Jiaojiao was Xue Kaiqi”, ” Is this Gillian?”, “I can’t tell if it’s a Gillian~ Angle problem?”, “Looks like Gillian”, and some netizens also said Mani and her twin, Noven, laughed and said, “They both can’t Mani responded for a while”, “I can’t tell which one is the real Mani for a while”, “There are two Mani?”, “Who is Mani? Look faint”.

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