Fans pay attention to the “unexpected expression” of Chunichi and Neo “Tatsunami fan baseball boy” | Full-Count

After the autumn practice at Nagoya Baseball Stadium, when I was fidgeting behind the scenes …

The “reaction” shown by Akira Neo infielder during the autumn practice held by Chunichi at Nagoya Baseball Stadium has struck a chord with fans. In the video released by the baseball team on the official Youtube entitled “# Neo Akira has this look! What the hell is that?”

Practice open to fans for the first time in a while. Neo practiced batting in the tension that was seen, and just before the end, a microphone performance toward the stand. “I will do my best in rigorous training from this fall, aiming for the championship next year,” he expressed his determination and was applauded.

However, it changed completely when the microphone was pointed at the back of the bench. “I didn’t like it, I said I want it,” he said with a big smile. Something is a towel dyed with the name of director Tatsunami, which was sold for a limited time. The appearance of the begging success and opening the towel that arrived at hand was like a fan boy, and the words “Neo-kun’s expressive and cute” and “Neo-kun’s reaction ◎ who received a wonderful towel” were sent.

Also, at the end of the practice, Director Tatsunami, who said, “I will definitely produce results. Please look forward to next year,” was also enthusiastically expected, saying, “Director Tatsunami is imposing and very reliable in his first year.” ..

[Watch the actual video]A serious expression of Neo! What is the reason for becoming “unexpectedly”?



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