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Fans rush to stadium without tickets during Pakistan-Afghanistan match; ICC announces probe

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ICC announces probe into T20 World Cup match between Afghanistan and Pakistan The International Cricket Council (ICC) has instructed the Emirates Cricket Board to conduct a detailed investigation into the incident.

The ICC has apologized to ticket holders who were unable to enter the stadium as the gate was closed at half-time after Afghan fans entered the stadium without tickets. The ICC has called for a detailed investigation to prevent such incidents from recurring. It is also suggested to find out what steps should be taken in collaboration with the authorities for the safe conduct of the matches.

In the wake of the Kovid expansion, spectators were allowed into stadiums to watch the World Cup matches with strict restrictions. A total of 16,000 tickets have been put up for sale at the Dubai Stadium for the Pakistan-Afghan clash. However, thousands of fans lined up in front of the stadium without tickets ahead of the match. Then they were trying to push back.

Dubai police and security officials worked hard to ensure the safety of fans who entered the stadium legally after purchasing tickets. As the situation worsened, more police were called in to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, Dubai police said the gates of the stadium were closing at around 7pm. No one was then allowed inside the stadium.

Afghan captain Mohammad Nabi has criticized fans for coming without tickets and causing problems in front of the stadium by blowing up security arrangements.

He is breaking all Kohli’s records; Former Indian cricketer praises Babur Assam

Pakistan captain Babur Assam’s impressive performance in the World Cup. Former Indian cricketer Aakash Chopra is now praising Babur Assam. Aakash Chopra has said that Babur is breaking any record set by Virat Kohli in Assam. Babur Assam had scored half-centuries against India and Afghanistan.

‘Babur Assam became the fastest captain to score 1000 runs in an international T20I match against Afghanistan. The record was previously held by Virat Kohli. He is following Kohli. Whatever record Kohli has set, Babur has been coming from behind Assam and breaking it. He is smart, ”said Akash Chopra.

As captain, Babur Assam completed 1000 runs in International T20I in just 26 innings. Babur Assam broke the record by beating India captain Virat Kohli by 1000 runs in 30 innings.

Earlier this year, Babur Assam also became the fastest batsman to score 2,000 runs in an international T20. Babur, who completed the milestone in 52 innings, broke Kohli’s record of 2000 runs in 56 innings.


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