Fans send encouragement to “Aunt Khiad”, congenital disease Son has to quit his job because of COVID-19 zero income

“Young Kongkapan Saengsuriya” revealed through his personal Instagram @noomkongkapan that “Aunt Khiad Napaporn Hongsakul”, a former talented actor who has left many performances. He is now in his old age. poor health and just got out of the ICU, returned to the wasp at home after falling ill with congenital disease, having to stay in the ICU for several days In addition, the only son who is looking for income to support his family has to quit his job because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

By “Young” posted a picture of “Aunt Khiad” via her personal Instagram with the message “Fan, do you remember Auntie? Aunt’s face is very well… Because leaving hundreds of theatrical work and movies… Almost every television station… Today, Aunt Khaet is in her old age with not very good health.. and recently had to fall ill with congenital disease in the IC room for several days … now recuperating at the only son’s house in Prachinburi province…”

But like the monsoon, life hasn’t passed yet… The only son who has an income to support the family has to quit his job because of the Covid-19 situation, causing the income that he used to have become nonexistent… Follow Aunt Kead’s story in this clip..✌🏻🥰👍🏻✌🏻✌🏻 #Young invulnerable official #Aunt Kheadonpaporn #senior star #senior actor #Thai people don’t leave each other” which has fans coming to comment to send encouragement. “Aunt Khaed” together tightly.-Nine Entertainment

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