Fans spent 16 years building a massive Diablo mod, adding lots of new content and online mode, and fixing deleted classes #The Hell 2 (184179)

After 16 years in the making, a group of fans who loved the original Diablo have released a homebrew mod for Blizzard Entertainment’s iconic classic RPG that refreshes much of the game, including many new additions, elements which were originally broken by the game team, and some quality of play (QoL) changes.

This set of mods called “The Hell 2” adds up to 50% new content to the official advanced version of the classic RPG, Diablo: Hellfire, which can be grouped into 24 basic levels of modified dungeons, and 21 new mission levels added to single-player mode. After installing this mod, when players successfully kill Diablo at level 16, they will be able to see a ladder leading to a deeper hell where they can face more difficult challenges and rich rewards.

In addition, “The Hell 2” mod team has even installed some missions that were not included in the original “Diablo”, such as many unique locations related to the content of the game, along with some including attacks Special challenge quest locations with Mage slows and respawn adjustments.

The overall experience can bring a completely new feeling to players from time to time. In addition to new monsters, items and spells, players can also experience 6 rebalancing classes in this mod. After introducing players to warriors, rangers, and mages in the base game, the enhanced version of Diablo: Hellfire adds the “Monk” class to the game. What’s even more amazing is that this mod also successfully brought back the unfinished classes of “Barbarian. ” and “Bard” that appeared in the game’s documentation at the time. If that wasn’t enough, “The Hell 2” mod also offers 29 subclasses to explore, each offering a unique gameplay experience.

Additionally, players don’t need to run Diablo alone. Through RadminVPN, the mod team managed to add a fully functional multiplayer mode to “The Hell 2”, allowing players to choose whether to share drops or separate them, along with a dynamic difficulty system. In terms of game quality content customization, “The Hell 2” has been upgraded for the “Diablo” game engine, and supports 4K resolution, widescreen, windowed mode, fullscreen, borderless, and the frame rate can even reach 10,000 fps.

According to the team’s explanation on the Patreon page, “The Hell 2” is based on the various versions the team has built along the way. Although the modding project was originally officially launched in 2006, “The Hell 2” was not officially decided until December 2017. Now that “The Hell 2” is officially finished, and the team has started planning a new version of “The Hell 3”, it seems that players will have to wait a few more years.


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