'Fantastic! & # 39; James Holzhauer Doesn't Go Honorary Doctorate From Illinois But

'Fantastic! & # 39; James Holzhauer Doesn't Go Honorary Doctorate From Illinois But

'Fantastic! & # 39; Star James Holzhauer

Univ. Illinois loves it …

But Not enough for Hon. Doctorate

5/24/2019 12:50 AM PDT


James Holzhauer he is making his alma mater proud of his “Danger!” sovereignty, but he's going to keep the streak going further if he wants to award University of Illinois great honor to him.

Bigini marinas tells TMZ … James is proving that there are many ways to use a math degree from Illinois, but they are not ready to give him an honorary doctorate any time soon. You might think that because it shadows its recent campus experience of the show.

James recently said Alex Trebek he attended as small a class as Illinois needed and he was gripping in online bits – but we must say that this is not the reason why the University is keeping out … though not help her.

The facts are that the requirements of honorary doctorate out in Illinois are rather strict, unlike other Universities in which the chancellor can unilaterally decide to bring them out like candy. At Illinois, faculty members must nominate and vote for candidates, and to date, no one is affecting James.

Recently Illini 2005 prestige extended its winning streak to 25 consecutive games, buying $ 1,991,135 banks and making huge ratings for "Danger!" – but it is clear that his knowledge is not different to people on campus.

We know what you're thinking – what will happen if James writes a fat check? It might not do so either.

Case in point … alum Larry Gies They donated $ 150 MILLION to the University AND it was the starter speaker this year, but even it is declining.

Now, if James wants Some student loans are paid for your graduation class …

Just sayin.

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