Fantasy adventure film “Book of Heaven” released the theme song MV of the same name

With Wang Yingjiao as the main director, Wang Xiaogang as the director, Li Yan, Zhang Nan, Liu Peiqi, Xu Jinjiang, Lv Liangwei, Zeng Jiang, Zhang Luyao, He Wenhui, Sun Mingming, Jin Song, Ma Jian, Wang Yifei, etc., with Bado, Cheng Sihan, Pan Shiqi, Han Feifei starred in friendship Fantasy Adventure Action MovieThe Book of Heaven “The theme song MV of the same name was released today. The MV was composed by famous songwriter Cui Shixuan, music producer Hong Chuan, and two young singers Lu Shilang and Zeng Xueqi. The MV integrates emotions and pictures perfectly, conveying the repentance that stretched over thousands of years and the power of everyone to fight against the darkness with powerful words, and shows the hunting elements and exciting feeling in the film in detail.

The famous theme song MV calmly and passionately ignited the spectacle of a thousand years of sadomasochism

The MV, the theme song of the movie “Book of the Sky” with the same name, is very atmospheric, which matches the dangerous underground world in the movie. The opening scene of the MV is a desert scene where the wind and clouds change, which seems to suggest the mystery of the desert in the film. With the singing of the words of the first sentence “In the deepest part of the soul, there is a book from heaven, which records the way when the wind and the rain come”, the audience is immediately replaced .The film is in the middle of a thrilling crisis. As singers, the lovely and loving voices of Lu Shilang and Zeng Xueqi and a highly infectious expression complement the intense, exciting plot and climax of the film. The characters of the film are trapped in an emotional vortex when faced with a disaster, unable to escape from the compulsion of fate. And “I can’t draw your immortal style, my eyebrows, I want you to remember”, “I can’t recite the scriptures of my past life, you have to read it in your mind again and again”, “When I meet again, I want you to know me”, etc. The lyrics touch people’s hearts by interpreting the thousand-year-old sadomasochism in the past and present, and also lay the foundation for the next heavenly book.

This MV not only interpolates the thrilling and upgraded visual effects of various scenes in the film, such as desert melee, sandstorms, underground man-eating insects, etc., but also incorporates more emotions character, along with atmospheric tunes, so that Behind the strange plot, there are scenes of moving emotional dramas – from the unfortunate failed millennium reunion, to the brave and fearless fighting side by side, each picture showing the characters who dare to love and hate, singing their determination and fearless courage in the face of the difficulties of survival, and they were very immersive.

A fantasy adventure film

The dynamic singing was praised by netizens, the high-quality lyrics and songs collided with the ultimate voice, and the humanistic thought was expressed

The movie “Book of Heaven” tells the story of the world accidentally plunged into endless darkness. The hot-blooded youth hut (played by Li Yan) and his father patrol Fang Sangjiu (played by Liu Peiqi ), black market businessman Ba ​​Ye (played by Lv Liangwei), and Zhang Xian (played by Jin), the son of the governor of Kansai. Pine) and others an expedition team to go to an underground palace in the depths of the desert to find the adventure story from the ancient book. The theme song “Book of Heaven”, the theme song of the same name of the film, uses the musical form of a male and female duet with the tactful and passionate melody, which perfectly interprets the core of the film – destiny a thousand years, sacrifice your life for justice.

A fantasy adventure film

It is worth noting that Cui Shixuan, the lyricist of “Book of Heaven”, once wrote the theme song “Love Is Like Air” for the TV series “Happiness is Like a Flower”, “The Legend of Zhen Huan” song theme ” Hongyan Jie”, and the movie “Love Desire”. He has written lyrics for many popular movie and TV drama theme songs, including the theme song “Affordable to Love”, the web drama theme song “Prince Concubine’s Promotion” and many more. other popular film and TV drama theme songs, and is well known both inside and outside the industry. Composer Hong Chuan is also a well-known music producer in the industry. He has composed music for Han Lei’s “Whale Riding in the Four Seas” and Xin’s “Live Up to the Times”, and for the TV series “Come on, you are the best” and the online drama “The Rumored” “Chen Qianqian”, the TV series “I’m Waiting for You in Beijing” and other film and TV drama soundtracks, the strength amazing and embarrassing. When high-quality lyrics and music collide with the recognizable voices of Lu Shilang and Zeng Xueqi, it can be said to be a match made in heaven. the audience can see a visual scene and humanity. A feast for thought!

A fantasy adventure film

The film “Book of Heaven” is produced by Zhejiang Yifei Culture Media Co., Ltd., and is jointly produced by Foshan Artisan Film Co., Ltd., National Standard New Film Culture Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Beijing Mengku Tang Dynasty Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., and Beijing Jidian Film and Television Culture Culture Co., Ltd. Media Co., Ltd. publicity and distribution.


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