Fantasy Westward Journey Pharaoh scans the code to test the strength of fans and leads to great bosses! 6.9 billion first person? output _skill_level_

Original title: Pharaoh of Fantasy Westward Journey scans the code to test the strength of supporters and leads superior bosses! 6.9 billion first person?

Lao Wang is one of the main streamers of the dream. Because he is in dire need to find Shenwei Tiandi’s teammate, he asks fans if there are any qualified ones. Fans immediately responded, the water friends who can come to this living room are not Ferrari per head?

Immediately, Pharo responded with a joke, then scan the code on the spot to prove it. After Lao Wang took over the role of fan in 69 Tianji City, he bluntly said that the Ferrari-driving water friends lowered the fan level! What’s so crazy? Let Xiaosheng take everyone to find out.

The headteacher’s total ambition is as high as 578

Except limited editions like sharks, flying dragon horses, and Bai Ze

The rest of the common models are worth a holy name.

The boss is still an “achievement party”

There are currently a total of 9295 achievements, which can be placed 16th in the elite full server list

Not only is his strength amazing, he is also the “emperor of the liver”

The experience value of the boss is also particularly exaggerated, with a total of 61.8 billion

This is an existence that many full level players do not have.

At the current rate of 1.5 billion per month

After 3 years, you can receive hundreds of billions in rewards

Could it be that he is the first person of 6.9 billion?

This is the panel where the big guy takes the task tools and adds points with all his might

4753 blood, 1919 damage, 1209 defense and 433 speed

With output and resistance, it is no problem to challenge the world

Even the mission equipment has similar qualities to 109.

Aren’t PK tools scarier?

Luxury equipment:

150 broadsword no level

Initial hit 589, damage 526, stamina +33, agility -2

Comprehensive initial injury 743, 15 comprehensive injury fake agate 868

Holding this blue sword

No matter what kind of monsters you face

make them cry

140 gradual bingqing men’s clothing

Initial Defense 246, Strength +39, Agility -2

16 Forging Moon Total Defense 441, Extreme Smelting

Bingqing is the only stunt on the body

It can help unblock when teammates are not angry or charged

140 no grade shoes

Agility 57, Defense 89, 15 fake Black Gems

Five hole zero level shoes is a very important point for 69 players

One is to provide a lot of speed, and the other is to have a 5-hole anti-sealing effect

140 ungraded belt

Blood 362, Defense 93, 15 Black Games Formed

It can increase resistance and improve battlefield capability

It can also strengthen the speed and capture the physical speed

140 unranked helmet

Defense 92, Magic 112, GB attribute

Provides decent damage

A runestone effect is used to target the enemy’s baby

140 Levelless Necklace

First spirit 184, 15 fake relics, total spirit 300

Necklace does not select level 70 Simple Shennong Beast or Broken Blood

It is to withstand the output of the legal system, and achieve zero level to the end!

The spare mission gear section shows only 795 total casualties with 140 unsharpened grades

The rest of the parts are almost all level 120 non-grinding gear

PK Ling decoration:

Seven Front Row Decoration Damage

The damage of the top row of the circle exploded 18 and 6, and the damage of the bottom row of 8, 7, and 6 exploded by 2 and 1 respectively.

The top row of earrings can prevent 18 explosions and 6, and the bottom row has 6 damage, all of which are national standards.

Many attributes have been blasted in their entirety, and in terms of damage attributes, it is no worse than the super simple ghost decoration

The suit is undivided, which can reduce the number of times of being blocked, in order to get more output opportunities

Four defenses, double blood, back row of spiritual ornaments

Top row speed 16 burst 2, bottom row defense 18 burst 2, blood 71, 62 burst 17, 8

The upper row of the bracelet is anti-sealing 12 GB, and the lower row is protective 13, 13, and 15 each burst 1, 1, and 3

The back row is also powerful, increasing a lot of resistance

Baby’s personality:

Forest Birds Butterfly Turning Page

Attack on capital up to 1684 terrifying

All the output skills are integrated into one, and there are also many important life-saving auxiliary skills

The output damage is oppressive and open, together with the cute appearance, it gives people the feeling of “representing the moon to destroy you”

12 skills of forest birds and wild spirits

Attack capital and skills are slightly inferior to the above butterfly

But the attack effect of the wild spirit also has its own characteristics, and it is not fun to play.

7 skills out of his Sumeru Dragon Touring Dragon Carp

Three special additions, the ceiling of the pet spell task

Even playing PK can play his + Xumi effect immediately

This output can only be described as exaggerated.

12 Shadow of the Moon Fairy Skills Obstacle

Full of capital and growth, output and battery life, and anti-blocking

The dual use of PK and task is not a big problem

9 Skills of Lian Shan Bao

Attack capital 1571 and growth 1.277 was more than the upper limit

Going all-in is a powerful tool for brushing up on simple tasks

6 Skills: Good and Bad

Offensive and defensive reserves are high

Double special can not only withstand spell damage, but also good and bad output blessing

Belongs to the bright little trick

9 Taiwan Clean Skills Death Butterfly

Excellent body and plenty for growth

There is a card speed pet that is easy to use for top blood or draw people

If you can’t lose special skills after shooting the magic protection beast trick, it will be more perfect

8 Skill Stealth Guard

Pet card personality speed, the role corresponds to the butterfly above

7 Sumeru Dragon Skills

Single magic pet that resists blood, usually used with lightning flash to deal damage and dispel state

The above is the main hardware of this Tianji boss, and the equipment and the baby are very distinctive. Do you think his performance when playing the heroes, what position he can get?Return to Sohu, see more


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