FARC dissidence threatened Colombian regional candidates

The main dissidence of the FARC, the Central General Staff (EMC), warned Colombia’s regional candidates this Saturday to “desist” from campaigning in the territories controlled by the guerrillas with a view to the October elections.

In a statement, the rebel group asked the political leaders “who stir up the war” to refrain from entering areas of the country where they have “military political control”, in the framework of their campaigns as candidates for governorships, mayors’ offices and local assemblies.

“They are informed to desist from entering these areas, they are not welcome, they will be returned from our checkpoints,” insisted the rebels who withdrew from the peace agreement that disarmed the bulk of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in 2017. ), the once most powerful guerrilla in America.

According to the dissidences of the EMC, the statement was issued in response to the government’s decision on Monday to break the ceasefire that it maintained with the more than 3,500 combatants of the organization in the midst of peace approaches.

President Gustavo Petro suspended the truce in the departments of Meta, Caquetá, Guaviare and Putumayo, due to the murder of four indigenous minors at the hands of the guerrillas.

But the EMC assured this Saturday that it does not accept this “partial” decision, since it was not contemplated in the protocols signed with the government.



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