“Farm Phorsuk” invites you to visit KUBOTA FARM FEST 2022 for the first time in Thailand, showing the most innovative technology for future agriculture.

Siam Kubota opens Kubota Farm, Chonburi, organizing the event “KUBOTA FARM FEST 2022 Farm for Happiness” for the first time! Showcasing the agricultural innovation technology of the future Solutions to reduce risk factors, reduce costs, increase income, hopefully inspiring modern agriculture.

Waraporn Osaphan Mrs Senior Executive Vice President Siam Kubota Corporation Co, Ltd disclosed that to create awareness. Continuing to inspire modern farming or Smart Farming, Siam Kubota has therefore organized the KUBOTA FARM FEST 2022 Happiness Farm for the first time at Kubota Farm, Ban Bueng District, Chonburi Province. Between 27 November and 4 December 2022, modern agriculture This is a trend in agriculture that the world, including Thailand, has given importance to. This is partly due to climate change. and want food security So the agricultural sector needs to use technology and innovation to develop agricultural methods. Siam Kubota, a leader in the invention of technology and innovation of agricultural machines Ready to present the technology and innovation of the future from Kubota, Japan. together with agricultural innovations from the government’s network of educational institutions and private sectors to transfer information about agricultural machinery technology and agricultural innovation with solutions to reduce costs, increase the quantity and quality of the output Reduce the risks arising from the variability of natural disasters. to generate a sustainable income

“Siam Kubota has gathered innovations for agriculture. Whether it is innovation from automatic unmanned agricultural machines Innovation for growing vegetables Imported from Japan to exhibit for participants to have close experience along with technological innovation A platform for farming that is a facilitator to make farming easier for farmers Innovative tools to facilitate modern farming innovation for horticulture In addition to many other information, Siam Kubota is expected to have more than 10,000 visitors, which is considered an important event in agricultural technology. which is ready to open for everyone to join for free experience visiting the farm in a new way that provides information and enjoyment Siam Kubota hopes that those who attend the event will be able to bring information Go back and develop further in the future.” Mrs Waraporn added.

The event is divided into 3 zones: Agricultural Innovation Zone (Agri-Innovation Exhibition), an exhibition zone that shows innovation and agricultural technology in the atmosphere of real farmland. For example, unmanned cultivator Unmanned rice harvester, agricultural drone, Farm Design, complete agricultural farm design. Intelligent chicken house Greenhouse growing plants, plant factory, closed system, control all environment And also find groove lift machine. and planting vegetables by sowing seeds, vegetable growers, sweet meter onion planting machine Sent directly from Japan, Kubota Expo Zone (KUBOTA Expo) Exhibition zone by Siam Kubota partners together with a test drive of different types of agricultural machinery The highlight in this zone will be the EV (Electric Vehicle) tractor, an innovation that uses 100% electric energy provided directly by Kubota Japan to be displayed at this event . “Lovely E Tan, ZT PLUS Handsome” will come to create color at the event and Happy Farm Market Zone, a zone that sells famous agricultural products from farmers and community enterprises throughout the country. From Community Agricultural Power Project for Happiness Siam Kubota and Kubota Cooperative Project, Cooperative Agriculture and a collection of famous delicious restaurants in Chonburi Province Including colorful flower gardens, different varieties, wow landmarks for you to enjoy taking pictures with, like Cosmos, Verbena, Cutter, Celosia, Sunflower and Potuang.

There are also seminars by Thai and foreign agricultural speakers. Including celebrities who turned to agriculture and a new model of a Smart Farmer who will share their experiences and inspire change throughout the 8 day event, such as Japan’s precision agriculture rice cultivation technology and Kubota’s intelligent rice cultivationby Mr Koji Watanabe, an expert in Japanese rice cultivation community development a group of initiatives helping the communityBy Khun Ple Sirimol, owner of Rai Ruen Rom and Khun Niphon of Pila Farm Senahoi – Khun Kiattisak Udomnak Aquaponics Wind FarmKhun Nam Rapeephat Ekkapankul Rapeephat Farm Cockfighting Farm BusinessSunaree Ratchasima, etc.

Kubota Farm was established in 2018 with the aim of being a farm to create modern farming experiences for Kubota in the ASEAN region. Siam Kubota is proud to try to bring knowledge to transfer to create skills for farmers by doing and seeing with their own eyes. Currently, Kubota Farm has more than 70 different solutions on display and educating farmers. government agency More than 25,000 private agencies and educational institutions, which Siam Kubota looks at target groups that are general people to learn even though he is not yet a farmer Or make a career related to agriculture, get in touch with innovation and technology at Kubota Farm. It will inspire them to see how today’s agriculture has evolved. who realized the importance of the agricultural profession Including further expansion into agriculture in the future To be part of helping to drive Thailand’s agricultural sector to grow strongly. Meet the intention of Kubota Farm which is ready to open for everyone to come and learn. open to new experiences and get to do activities together

The event will be held from 27 November to 4 December 2022 at Kubota Farm, Ban Bueng District, Chonburi Province, free entry!! Register to attend the event in advance at www.kubotafarmfest.siamkubota.co.th or ask for more information add LINE >> @kubotafarmfest

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