Farmalin grilled pork in no time another 3,000 tons of wild chicken cases

Chalermchai revealed that another 3,000 tonnes of wild fowl were seized after the meat was soaked in formalin tanks. Send to sell pork pan shop, pointing out the reason that nearby pork is cheaper than Thailand. speculative traders Urge the Livestock Development Department to speed up the crackdown on ongoing meat parts.

Chalermchai Sri-on, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives It was revealed after the transfer of the policy to the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives that At this time, the Livestock Development Department seized another 3,000 tons of illegal chicken, which was also considered guilty. After the Livestock Development Department seized and confiscated the internal organs and meat soaked in formalin tanks Introduced to sell pork pan and Isaan restaurants in Bowin District, Chonburi Province, the amount of 25,000 kg Notified more than 66 stores that have received the said pork.

Farmalin grilled pork in no time another 3,000 tons of wild chicken cases

“Warning to pork casserole restaurants across the country. Consider buying meat from a clear source. and for the safety of public health You are advised to buy meat from a store with an OK livestock sign. or wild pigs

Confirmed that the Livestock Development Department destroys illegal pigs every day. Caused by illegal smuggling Continue to be arrested if you are arrested for breaking the law. The Livestock Department will destroy Due to rigorous operations, currently more than 800,000 kilograms (kg) of illegal pork has been seized. You can be sure that a strict inspection has been carried out. All the staff work hard.

“The reason for continuing to smuggle illegal pork Because pork is imported from neighboring countries. cheaper than Thailand And big profit and difference is the main reason for stealth. Confirmed that no government officials were involved in the hacking. If illegal pig smuggling is discovered Action will be taken immediately with no exceptions. In order to continue to control the epidemic in the country”

Somchuan Veterinarian Mr. Rattana Mangkhalanon Director General of the Department of Livestock Development said The Livestock Development Department is cracking down on the smuggling of pork parts. to protect pig farmers and prevent African Swine Fever (ASF) which may have been contaminated with pig parts. including for the safety of users who were smuggling pig parts Not inspected by the Livestock Development Department. There may be residues such as red meat accelerators. or other pathogens that are persistently harmful to consumers

Mr Prayoon Insakul, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, said for the New Year gifts in 2023 that will be given to people and farmers, initially there are activities that will be offered to the people, such as organizing activities to sell agricultural produce. to arrange as a New Year’s basket at a cheap and standard price for the Council of Ministers (Cabinet) to be recognized. But in terms of other New Year gifts, he is currently in the process of collecting them. On December 15, Mr Chalermchai will hold a press conference for the public to recognize them again.

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