Fast Life “Bukkin-Puttipong” can be anything!! The most important thing is to be happy.

“My goal is not to get rich as the first priority. But I’m the one who thinks about plans all the time, for example, what are you going to do tomorrow? I’ve already planned how I’m going to dress. What time will you leave the house? When we are with someone, we think about the day we built the foundation for our lives. Or when going to university, they will think, after studying this, what major will we go to? How do we plan our lives? After graduation, what are you going to do next? as we still think There is no end to everything in life. Keep thinking until retirement!! I feel that in people of the same age We have lived a very rewarding life. We have worked, we have met many people. Met many talented people We have tried many things we never thought we would try at our age. We have begun to build many foundations for life.”

Having been in the industry for many years, has “Buikin” changed much?

It has changed a lot. But we haven’t changed. Once we start doing something, we gain more experience. Also there are external factors that change according to what we do and grow more than they change. But in the end, we are the same people. Living the same life We might get more opportunities. have done more new things I think the core of our identity is the same. But life changes with situations, contexts, it comes and goes all the way. For me, since starting work until today, it has changed a lot.

clear face like this Is the real person suffering from the truth?

My children are very fearful and self-centred. As the youngest son, what he wanted was what he had to have. If not, I will cry until I can. And it will get every time. So crying seems to be the answer when we want something. When I was young, I was often called by my parents. I feel that many of the teachers’ treatments are wrong. and then I try to explain It turns out we are going against the system. as we are students of the rebellion He called us to speak to change the attitude. I’m a little girl, I don’t remember since I was a child.

Be with everything and everyone The beginning came when we were young, we were very stubborn children. No matter what we do, the problem will end with us being spanked by the father. which we feel we do not like at all The more we are hit, the more we resist it. Then one day, my father came to talk to us for a reason. Do you know that doing this is wrong? Why is it not good? And in the end it didn’t hit me. We feel we really like this approach. make sense of reason ever since that day We live for a reason Why do we have to do this? And why wouldn’t we do this?

with love Do you use reason?

I think if it’s about love, it’s all true. It’s not just LGBTQ+ love or anyone else’s love. It’s all human. feels, likes, happiness to love and like or really happy to do something next We should not distinguish between what is wrong and what is right. Love to me is the happiness we get from loving that.

So if we are happy to do that I think it’s all about love Not between LGBTQ+ people or between men and women. until we love our pets Love our house, love our cars. I believe this is all love. So why doesn’t LGBTQ+ love exist? I think all kinds of love are real. if we are happy to really love him Will it last? I don’t think it’s about gender.

Today we might love this. But when we grow up and learn to meet something new This feeling of us may change. But I feel that it is untrue to say that people of this gender have unsustainable love. because if you look at it from my point of view at first I believe the truth is happiness. If we are still happy to love that thing Why wouldn’t it be sustainable?

At this moment, what is the happiness in the life of “Bugin”?

I am happy with many things. happy to work here happy to make music happy to study happy with coffee happy to be at home with the family But mainly during this period, I focus on work. I want to apply the knowledge in the business corner that I have learned. I am very fascinated by the charm of doing business.

Is it uncommon for young artists to have business and investment themes?

A lot of things that can’t be done don’t look like they want money They want to have fun They want to realize this idea or idea. want to have more fun today When we don’t care about anything Our lives are driven by passion. If we do our best with our hearts and senses, we are confident that we can survive. Make it and lose, you won’t make it. But the ultimate goal is not profit or money. big profit small profit feel it’s fun to do and challenge myself and be useful to others too I think it’s fine. achieve our goal when we do business Profit can be part of the KPI, but in reality it is more important that we do it ourselves. who is proud

In life we ​​have come across many new things. It motivates me to always want to do something new. For me, the business is one of my artist work. What I go down to do What I go down to think First of all, we have to believe that the product is very good and useful. and it must be our identity As an owner or someone who will present this thing for people to believe, “Vision and Mission” must really match our identity. During the COVID epidemic, I continued to study investing in the stock market. Learn some technical graphs. But seriously, I’m a VI investor who focuses on long-term investment in stocks with good fundamentals. The business has an opportunity to grow, but the price is not expensive. But there are times when you just want to have fun. also speculating on some racing stocks, but not much

How does the “Bukkin” generation adapt to survive in an age where the world is full of uncertain situations?

It was a time when there were quite a few filming changes. If we cut off the issue of COVID first I think the technology that has come in this age is already quite heavy. It makes living and finding things more difficult. Earning money and the economy became even more difficult. The important thing to survive for people in this generation is “We must be special” means if we are ordinary people, doing ordinary tasks, then technology may take our place. But if we have a basic way of thinking or a special skill Can’t let anyone take our place. like me as an artist No one can replace me one hundred percent. We must find the special in ourselves. to survive in this age To me, we have to look at the goals to see what we want. Either way we can reach our goal. We have to do it with as few conditions as possible.

Success at a young age is still challenging to achieve.

People have to learn all the time. And all learning will affect our thinking all the time. In my head right now I want to do a lot of things. I’m into the Sustainability story Doing business with sustainability in mind I want to go down and capture it here. because it is a global trend that must be given importance I went into this story thinking that we wanted to change a lot. What pens are there today? The hard thing is how do we change it? There must be a way to present make people believe It can really change people’s lives. In addition, they want to go back to see the family business. did export brass sculpture want to rebrand and add value to the product Improve and develop business models

In the next 5-10 years, will the Forbes millionaire house welcome “Bulkin”?

My goal is not to be rich as the first priority. I feel that people’s happiness is constantly deviating. One day we may feel that we must be the richest. We might feel like we have to be loud. Or we may feel that we have to be the most successful in that corner. But in reality we are growing, learning and seeing more and more all the time. My ultimate goal in life 2-3 years ago and now is not the same. I don’t know what else I will find when I grow up. And what effect will it have on my attitude? Or did it make me learn more? Whatever it is, the most important thing is to be happy in life.

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