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Darkmoon Races, a new content mid-season expansion for Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.’s popular free digital card game, Hearthstone®, Madness at the Darkmoon Faire™ expansion. ) Starts soon. On Friday, January 22, a mini-set of new cards commemorating the Year of the Phoenix card mechanic with gunshots indicating the start of the race will be introduced, Battlegrounds and Duels updated, and the Book of Heroes) content, and various entertainments are unfolding in Hearthstone one after another.

Hearthstone’s first mini-set, Darkmoon Race, adds 35 new cards to the game. The Darkmoon Race mini-set consists of 35 new cards, including 4 legendary grades, 1 special grade, 14 rare grades, and 16 general grades.The threat of dormant waiting to be activated, spellburst Ashes of Outland™, Scholomance Academy™, and insanity, the expansion packs introduced in the Year of the Phoenix, including a sense of speed, dual-class cards, and gradually tightening corruption. Various keywords that were encountered through the Darkmoon Festival are reflected.

Cards added to the Darkmoon Race mini-set will appear in the Darkmoon Faire Card Pack of Madness, obtained through this, or 15,000 Battle Coins (PC basis) or 2,000 Gold in the in-game shop or web shop until May 11 (Tue). It can also be obtained by purchasing mini-set bundles. The bundle contains a total of 66 cards, one for each of the four legendary cards and two for each of the special, rare, and normal grade cards.

The battlefield features two new heroes, Tickatus and Greybough, and two new minions: Soul Devourer and Ring Matron. Players with battlefield bonuses can preview the new heroes before February 5, the official update date.

In the duel, the Darkmoon Race mini-set, which will be introduced this time, has been added and can be used in the starting deck. 10 new hero abilities and 25 unique treasures are newly reinforced, and now you can choose from a total of 3 hero abilities (existing 2) and 6 unique treasures (existing 3) for each class.

Prince Anduin, who grew up expecting to follow in the footsteps of his father, was blessed with light and chose his own course. Having mastered both divine magic and swordsmanship, he was reborn as a unique figure among the royal families of Azeroth and went on numerous adventures, from the legendary continent of Pandaria to the crumbling ruins of Lordaeron. Hearthstone One-man Adventure Heroes’ Story The fifth chapter is the protagonist of Anduin. Like the previous heroes, anyone can play for free. Upon completion, you can obtain a Priest Pack consisting only of Priest Cards.

Hearthstone’s latest expansion pack Madness’s Darkmoon Festival is set in a fantastic world-class festival, with new cards that have been corrupted by the formidable power of the Old Gods to entertain the player. Hearthstone, a noisy 8-player auto battler game mode featuring unique heroes: a free game mode where players can experience both the excitement of the battlefield and the arena where players face each other and the unpredictability of a solo adventure. , Hearthstone duel is also attracting a lot of attention from players.


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