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Faster than the bureaucratic system! Mirror Foundation receives 111 tablets to poor children to study online

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Faster than the bureaucratic system! Mirror Foundation receives 111 new tablets from kind adults to needy children used to study online Revealing that there is still a lot of need

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case Mirror Foundation Post asking for donations of old phones, iPhone 7 from the executives of the Prime Minister’s Secretariat (SALON) for all 111 unused phones. To provide children in poor families with access to learning materials for better educational efficiency. A letter of intent must be sent to the Secretariat of the Prime Minister. in order to operate properly in accordance with the regulations and criteria for consideration

Latest page Mirror Foundation Post a message saying Thank you 111 machines from kind adults. After the Mirror Foundation posted a request for donations of 111 iPhones from the Prime Minister’s Office.

That same evening, Khun Bua Loi Page Bua Loy and Mr. S Page Mini bear of DIT I have contacted and requested to donate a smartphone. according to the amount requested by the Foundation for students to have a phone to use Ready to go to the area to deliver the phone to the children immediately

Yesterday at Kru Grape Malik Garden, the Mirror Foundation There is an event to hand over the phone. for children in slum communities in Thonglor area which is now in the area of ​​the grape garden There are children from nearby communities. Use the space for online learning. Solve the problem of confined space in the house

The company team therefore came to join. with 111 smart phones, but as soon as they saw the children Studying online with a mobile phone, found that the phone screen may not be suitable for children’s studies. Decided to switch from a phone to a tablet, worth 400,000 baht to allow children to study on a larger screen.

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The Mirror Foundation would like to thank Khun Bua Loi, Khun Ace, and the team for joining us to open educational opportunities.
for the children in the community as well.

There are still many children. wanting a chance Mirror Foundation accepts donations of mobile phones, smartphones
Tablets, computers, notebooks to pass on to children in needy families including schools that lack

If you are an agency or an organization with unused resources Can be forwarded to the Mirror Foundation at
Mirror Foundation No. 191 Soi Vibhavadi Rangsit 62 Intersection 4-7, Talat Bang Khen Sub-district, Laksi District, Bangkok 10210 Tel.061-909-1840

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