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‘Father – eldest child’ dies at home waiting for COVID testing

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April 30, 2021


Dark red area, Samut Prakan. “Father – eldest” goes out of home, waiting to be examined for COVID.

At 09.00 on April 30, 2021, Lieutenant Colonel Wijon Mun arrives for the Deputy Inspector General for the investigation. Samrong Nuea Police Station, Samut Prakan Was informed that a man had died while detained in one of the houses ofFueng Fah Village 12 Soi Mangkorn Nakdi, Thepharak Subdistrict, Mueang District, Samut Prakan Province After receiving the notification, then coordinate the staff of the Thepharak Subdistrict Hospital. And the Ruam Gratitude Foundation with anti-infection equipment traveled to examine

The house at the scene was a two-story house, staff were required to wear protective PPC protective clothing and spraying disinfectants prior to examination. On the ground floor, a 42-year-old male patient was found lying dead on a bed. Which is expected to beInfected with COVID 19 Died

Because before A younger brother who works in the neighborhoodThonglor He fell ill and went to test for COVID 19 at the hospital. The results were positive. And was admitted to a hospital in Bangkok Causing the three people in the home together to be confined to wait and see the symptoms in the house Waiting for all staff to come and detect the coronavirus. Because it is a high-risk person

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Later on Tuesday, April 27, the father, aged 60, who was a bed addicted patient died. The only remaining detainee in the house left two people, the deceased and the 72-year-old mother, lying in bed next to the officer, separating the mother from the deceased. Before taking the body of the deceased packed into a plastic zip envelope that is worn over Two layers of protection against spread before the foundation moved the body from the house for an autopsy.

Neighbors, who had houses across from the deceased’s home, said that the house had four people, along with a brother with COVID who were hospitalized. Previously, the youngest son of the house worked in Thonglor area. Kluay Nam Thai district And this house is the house where parents and older brothers live. The father has been a bed addict for 3 years.

And it was assumed that this son believed that COVID had spread at home. The father died on Tuesday night, April 27, and this morning was the eldest son who died around 4:00 am.

Now only a single mother is left seriously ill and the staff of the Thepharak Subdistrict Hospital. Just came to be treated at Samut Prakan Hospital.

Personally, the youngest son, who works in the Thonglor area, went to test for the infection, but the results were just released on Wednesday, April 28, that it was positive, but the father passed away since Tuesday. Before the young son’s test came out that he was infected

And came on this day, the eldest son also passed away The only mother left, now in a serious condition, unable to help herself. Coughing and tiredness Which is presumed to be infected And after the staff picked up all the people in the house, the disinfectant was sprayed again.

Admit to being afraid Which had previously had another infected person, but it was removed and cured. But the latter is scary because the patient is unaware that he has been infected before.

Mr. Suthon Wongsiri, Director of the District Hospitalsatyr Had said earlier from the data found that Son who works in Thonglor area Traveled to the hospital for testing at Kluaynamthai Hospital Before traveling to come to stay at this house To wait for the consequences, on April 27, the father, who was already a bed addicted patient, died without confirming whether he had died from COVID. The family therefore took the body to the ceremony at Wat Nam Daeng.

On April 28, the hospital called to inform the youngest son that he was infected with COVID. And the hospital car was admitted on the same day. Making people in the home become a high-risk person Therefore confined to the house to wait to see symptoms and to coordinate the car to pick up the mother and the eldest son Go to check for infection

Until this morning I was informed that the eldest son with a history of asthma. He has died, but has not been confirmed to have been infected with COVID. Therefore hurried to come to investigate Along with the male mother to be tested for infection At Samut Prakan Hospital


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