Father Murders 2-Year-Old Daughter with Cement Knife: Shocking Details Unveiled

Chilling Murder Case Unveiled in Thai Village: Father Kills 2-Year-Old Daughter with Cement Knife

Date: September 19, 2023

BANGKOK – A small community is left in shock as a heart-wrenching crime unravels, with a father murdering his own 2-year-old daughter and burying her lifeless body in his residence located in the Bo Tham Sub-District of Khanu Woralaksaburi District, Kamphaeng Phet Province.

Investigators discovered the horrifying incident whilst conducting inquiries in the neighborhood where the tragic event took place.

An Unforgettable Encounter

During the course of their investigations, reporters were fortunate enough to speak with the proprietor of a local shop situated directly across from the ill-fated house. Their conversation took an unexpected turn when the store owner disclosed a spine-chilling encounter.

According to the store owner, a recently deceased girl and an acquaintance had visited the shop just one day before the shocking revelation of the burial of the body inside the lane opposite to the shop.

A Haunting Presence

The store owner, Miss Khanitha, aged 29, recollected that a female customer from the neighborhood had visited her grocery store. As she stepped out to make a sale, she noticed a young girl sitting in front of the customer’s car. Curious about her whereabouts, Khanitha inquired about the little girl, assuming she was the customer’s sibling. However, the shocking response left Khanitha bewildered. The customer claimed that there was no one else present.

Adding to the perplexing encounter, Khanitha asserts that the young girl had seemingly vanished, only to discover the next day that she had been murdered and buried in the very house across the lane from her shop. It is worth noting that the deceased girl was known to regularly accompany her grandmother on shopping trips, crossing the same road.

Villagers Outraged as Father Commits Unspeakable Act

BANGKOK – The brutal murder of a 2-year-old girl, followed by the father’s chilling act of burying the body in cement, has ignited a wave of anger and condemnation from the local community.

As authorities continue their investigation into this sinister crime, the villagers find themselves grappling with the shocking realization that such an unimaginable act could occur within their midst.

Villagers are shocked that a 2-year-old girl has been killed by her father with a cement knife. The angriest ghost Came to see the front of the car, revealing that we would usually see him walking across the road and going out to buy things with his grandmother regularly.

Date: September 19, 2023, from the case of a father who murdered his 2-year-old daughter in Bangkok and then took the body to dig a hole and bury it in his house in Bo Tham Sub-District. Khanu Woralaksaburi District, Kamphaeng Phet Province, is a source of shocking news. Most recently, while reporters were in the area looking for information in the neighborhood where the incident happened.

The reporter had the opportunity to speak to the owner of a shop located across the lane from the house. and come across more mysterious things When the owner of the shop revealed that he had just seen the dead girl and an acquaintance came to his shop to buy things. Only a day before it became known that the body was buried in the house in the lane opposite the shop.

Miss Khanitha, aged 29, owner of a shop in front of the alley, entered the house where the incident happened. He said there was a woman who was a customer who came to buy things in his grocery store. He was walking out to sell things and saw a girl sitting in front of this customer’s car. So he asked back: And where did the little girl, my older brother’s daughter, who was sitting in front of the car go? The customer responded that no one was coming.

this young woman has just gone to pick olive leaves in front of the house. The location of the incident yesterday and he returned to his own shop to buy something. To this day, he is still confused about who exactly the thing he saw was. Until I learned that the murder of a 2-year-old girl was inside the said house today. Normally, a 2-year-old girl would walk across the road to go shopping with her grandmother on a regular basis. It is believed that he may be the ghost of the girl who sat with the customer yesterday.

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