Father’s chest! Xherdan Djokovic refuses to go to the Australian Open

AFP website Reporting a statement from Mr. Sir Dan Djokovic, father of a famous tennis player. “Novak Djokovic” After the scandal appeared a clip of him taking pictures with tennis fans holding flagsRussia and get picturesPresident Vladimir Putin On the flag, a pro-Russian Australian YouTube account released a clip on Thursday (26 January) with the caption “Novak Djokovic’s father makes a clear political statement.” A man who came to watch Djokovic’s match is wearing a T-shirt screened with the Z symbol, which also means supporting the Russian war effort. Until a voice came calling for Djokovic, the father, not to enter the field

“I only came here to support my son. It was not intended to be news or to cause a stir,” said a statement from Xherdan. He was outside the pitch with his son’s supporters. “Like I always do after the ball is over. to celebrate his victory and take pictures with fans I have no intention of making a problem here.”

Today’s competition (January 27), a semi-final With Novak facing American tennis player Tommy Paul, Xerdan decides to watch the match on TV to avoid chaos.

However, Xerdan’s statement did not say if the son can pass this round Will he attend the final on Sunday (29 January)?

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