‘Fathers who crossed the water’ Jang Yoon-jung zi Yeon-woo, turns out to be the ultimate romantic?!

‘Fathers who crossed the water’ Jang Yoon-jung reveals Yeon-woo’s romantic history.

In the 22nd episode of MBC’s ‘Dads Who Crossed the Water’ (directed by Lim Chan), which airs at 9:10 pm on the 26th, Alberto’s son, Italian father, Leo, British father, Peter’s son , Geo, and her daughter Ellie prepare a surprise birthday. party for Alberto is removed

Peter’s GO and Ellie transform into ‘old people’ and tell Leo, who is about to become a new man in elementary school, what he needs to prepare and give tips for elementary school life. Leo goes to a stationery store with his older brother and older sister to buy supplies for school life and prepare to become an elementary school student step by step.

At the stationery store, Leo remembers his father Alberto’s birthday, saying, “I need to buy my father a present.” Leo wanders the paper shop and thinks about what will be a present for his father. Leo chooses a gift that reflects ‘Dad’s taste’ after a long and tiring thought by Geo and Ellie. The neighborhood childcare dads who watched this on video are said to have burst out laughing, raising questions about what gift Leo chose for Alberto.

Afterwards, in the childcare neighborhood, they talk about the touching gifts they received from their children. Kim Na-young said, “Last year on my birthday, Lee Jun-yi and Shin-woo wrote the song ‘Mom, I love you’ and gave it as a present. I cried a lot because it was touching” and presented an anecdote to make the fathers smile.

Jang Yoon-jung said, “Yeon-woo kept asking me what color he liked, so I bought a ring of that color at a stationery store and gave it as a gift. He said, ‘I bought it because I thought my mum would like it.

GO, Ellie, and Leo’s surprise birthday party collaboration can be seen on the 26th at 9:10pm on ‘Fathers who crossed the water’.

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