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Cai Houxuan Reporter / comprehensive report

▲ Brazilian striker Jesús. (Photo / Reposted from Jessus Twitter)

The Brazilian “Samba Legion”, who are considered the favorites to win this World Cup, had bad news before the start of the round of 16. Forward Gabriel Jesus and defender Alex Telles were both seriously injured due to knee injuries, All in the rest of the World Cup games will be reimbursed.

Jesús moved to Arsenal this season, rediscovered his old skills, and was once again selected for Brazil’s World Cup team. He played as a substitute in the first two games and did not have any outstanding performance. In the third game against Cameroon, he played after 64 minutes Knee discomfort was replaced After an MRI (nuclear magnetic resonance) examination, it was found that his right knee was seriously injured and he should not be able to continue playing in the World Cup.Tres was also suffering from a knee injury. After the examination, it was also decided that he would not be able to continue playing, and Jesus ended this year’s World Cup tour.

Brazilian defender Telles.  (Photo / summary from Teles Twitter)

▲ Brazilian defender Telles. (Photo / summary from Teles Twitter)

Looking at the sixth championship in the history of the World Cup team, the Brazilian team has a complete lineup and was expected to be the favorite to win the championship. Unexpectedly, Neymar was injured in the first game of the group stage. Now two players In the next game, only 24 players will be able to fight, and the fighting power may be hit hard. The round of 16 Brazil will play against the South Korean team at 3:00 am Taiwan time on the 6th.

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