FAWE Benin equips learners and other actors in 09 municipalities

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Learners in a situation of presentation of theatrical productions

The FAWE Benin network organized a training workshop for trainers from Vocational Training and Apprenticeship Centers (CFPA) beneficiaries of the 3M project on the TUSEME model. This training was held from Monday May 29 to Thursday June 1, 2023, at the Center des Métiers de Covè.

The TUSEME model, is an approach developed by the FAWE network to empower learners to identify and solve problems that hinder their socio-academic development. It is therefore within this framework that FAWE Benin has equipped the actors of the Vocational Training and Apprenticeship Centers (CFPA) and state actors with a view to their maintenance in the education system, by using a means: art. During 04 days, the actors touched on the relevance of the needs of the learners and formulated proposals for the improvement of the conditions of training of the young people. Resource people from FAWE Senegal also developed communications for around thirty CFPA trainers, learners, parents of students, opinion leaders, CPS managers from 09 municipalities hosting the centers vocational training and apprenticeship. During the work, the initiators identified several difficulties within the Covè training center. Among these difficulties, we can cite the lack of toilets and showers, the shortage of drinking water, the non-functional infirmary, the absence of a canteen and others.

The opportunity was thus given to learners to present theatrical productions. This approach is justified by the fact that thanks to the theater, the learners manage to communicate without embarrassment and freely on their problems in front of an audience. This capacity building from which the learners benefited allowed them to learn more about the TUSEME model and how it works, to improve their knowledge of public speaking, negotiation, self-confidence and to strengthen the work as a team. In view of the success of this workshop, the Fawe network envisaged the multiplication of the achievements of the training at the level of eight (08) other vocational training and learning centers (Abomey, Djidja, Glazoué, Djougou, Zè, Pahou, Sè, Dogbo) and the effective establishment of TUSEME Clubs.


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