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FB Facebook Meta community platform Messenger messaging application will introduce a new function, which will bring a new operating experience to the interactive mode of group chat.

According to foreign media The Verge, Matt Navarra, a full-time social media consultant, said that Meta is developing and testing a “roll call” mode for building buildings using photos or videos for Messenger from chat messages. Similar to the anti-mainstream social app BeRell that rose to popularity in the US last year, it has a built-in “Roll Call” function.

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Shared by Matt Navarra on TwitterTake a screenshot of the Po in the interface, you can see the new function of Messenger “care of the register” which is being developed and tested. “Dinner”, “Pets” real photos or videos, and at the same time, you can “roll” tag friends in the group to participate together. After receiving the message, the friends named upload their lunch (or pet) within a limited time
) photos or videos (for example, within five minutes), in addition, only after uploading and sharing photos, you can see the response content and uploaded photos shared by other friends in the group.

Messenger is testing a new “roll call” feature (photo by Matt Navarra on Twitter)

Foreign media reported that the new function test seems to be a tribute to the BeRell community app, and it also means that Facebook is committed to allowing its Messenger users to have more detailed interactive sharing, improve user stickiness, and a new group Talk about the experience.

It is unclear when this new Messenger test feature is expected to be officially launched.

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