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FBI app for criminals: More than 800 arrested in 16 countries 800 more criminals arrested around the world in operation trojan shield

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Washington: The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has arrested more than 800 criminals in a series of raids in 16 countries. The raid, dubbed ‘Operation Trojan Shield’, was carried out by various police teams and investigative agencies, including the European Investigation Agency, Europol.

The mission seized 32 tonnes of drugs, including cocaine and hashish, 250 guns, 55 luxury cars, $ 148 million worth of various currencies and cryptocurrencies, in what is being hailed as a major setback for the world’s planned crime. The FBI has set a trap for smuggling and murder through the messaging app. The FBI and Europol officials said in a statement that they had tracked down 27 million messages in the FBI’s encrypted messaging app.

Criminals involved in drug trafficking and other crimes worldwide use encrypted messaging apps to communicate. Investigative agencies have cracked down on encrypted messaging services such as Encrochat and Sky ECC, which were previously popular. With this, the FBI created an encrypted messaging service called Anom to take advantage of the situation where criminals are looking for another encrypted messaging service.

The FBI has set up a network of about 12,000 mobile phones and devices running the Anom app among 300 criminal gangs. For this, the services of informers from different countries were utilized. Then every message of the criminals using this app was monitored. It monitored 27 million messages in 18 months. Investigative agencies have received information about a number of crimes, including billions of dollars in international drug trafficking and planned murders. Based on this information, more than 800 criminals have been caught in 700 raids in various countries in the last few days. In Australia alone, 244 people were arrested. 70 trapped in Frankfurt

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Calvin Schwerz, assistant director of the FBI’s Criminal Investigations Division, said the raid was carried out by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the European Union Police Agency and enforcement agencies in several countries. He attributed the success of Operation Trojan Shield to the dedicated attitude and international cooperation of various investigative agencies. Jean-Philippe Lekoff, Europol’s deputy executive director, said the move would help curb many murders, smuggling and crime.


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