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FDA approves 6 coronavirus vaccines, the same type that WHO has approved

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FDA approves 6 COVID-19 vaccines, the same vaccine approved by WHO

Today ( 22 Jul ’64) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Clarify cases where people offer opinions alluding to the operation of the FDA regarding the COVID-19 vaccine In the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19 At the moment, in fact, the FDA has a mission to supervise the quality, standards and safety of COVID-19 vaccine products. Vaccine approval is considered with regard to quality. safety, effectiveness and a risk management plan in the event of a problem in the use of vaccines for Thai people to receive vaccines that are of international standards But the FDA is not responsible for importing or supplying the COVID-19 vaccine in any way.

The FDA has approved the registration of the Covid-19 vaccine. 6 items, including AstraZeneca Vaccine coronavirus vaccine Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Moderna vaccine Sino Farm’s Vaccines and most recently, Pfizer’s Comernate vaccine. This is the same vaccine that the World Health Organization has approved.

In addition, the FDA also supports research and development of the COVID-19 vaccine. that carry out domestic production by working with the researcher to provide academic support as well as laws and regulations related to research, development, production and registration processes in a comprehensive manner The development process is continuously monitored.

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