Fear Boise arrested about childcare and drug charges

BOISE, Idaho – Police Boise Boise Boise deals with childcare and drug charges after telling them that he wanted to meet a teen girl over social media.

Fabricio Martinez, 30, of Boise was booked in Ada County Prison on Tuesday and charged with counting a child's farm countdown, possession of a controlled substance and illegal charge of drug holdings.

Investigators were told that Martinez made some effort to fulfill the girl over social media on Sunday. Police were then the teen to fulfill it on the Overland Road in the Town of Monday.

When his officials met him, Martinez tried his surroundings behind his seats and refused to listen to officials when they asked him to get out of the car.

After that, police were able to open the Martinez door, where they found that they were approaching the passenger seat in open light.

Investigators tested on the substance of a substance that has been tested for a positive test.

Martinez was introduced to Ada County Prison after an investigation on Monday.

It was also caused by officers who were experiencing misconduct.

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