Fear that students will have ‘dengue fever’ in Bangkok and the private sector Push the project to help 10 schools.

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Bangkok fears ‘Dengue Fever’ students launch pilot program in 10 schools to effectively end and stop ‘Dengue Fever’

March 22, 2023 Takeda (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a global biopharmaceutical company, and Kao Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a leading consumer products and chemical company, are joining the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. The Health Office and the Education Office Raising awareness and preventing dengue fever in Thailand. under the project Dengue-zero School Project The school is attached to a remote guard. “dengue fever”

by Dr. Suksan Kittisupakorn, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Bangkok, Mr. Peter Streibel, Managing Director of Takeda (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Mr. Yuji Simmizu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Kao Industrial (Thailand) Co., Ltd. The mention of the project is a pilot that helps to understand the disease. “dengue fever” for students and teachers in 10 schools in Bangkok To raise awareness, prevent disease “dengue fever” of busy and to continue solving problems in the community

    Dr.  Suksan Kittisupakorn, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Bangkok

Suksan Dr it is said to be able to protect ‘dengue fever’ is to raise awareness and prevent ‘dengue fever’ By collaborating with the private sector which supports the sharing of information through the project. The students who take part in this project will be able to bring their knowledge to different communities. Therefore, I see that this cooperation is important.

Bangkok is also seeking cooperation with other private sectors. to find a way to protect ‘dengue fever’ This year, as there is a tendency to increase compared to last year, and Bangkok aims to reduce the number of patients with the disease. ‘dengue fever’ Through integration with relevant agencies, intensive dengue prevention campaigns

Peter He said that since signing the awareness and stopping cooperation ‘dengue fever’ published in Thailand has achieved its goals by raising awareness of ‘dengue fever’ To the community and volunteers of Bangkok Public Health (Sor Sor.) which number more than 1,000 people.

In this project, we focus on students, who are one of the high risk groups of dengue fever, for students to understand the disease and how to prevent it. ‘dengue fever’ out efficiently to come to school and the community in order to be safe from this disease

Yuchi Mr He said that the aim of organizing this project was to reinforce the commitment of Kao and his allies who want to help Thai children to identify and prevent ‘dengue fever’ from messy patterns as well as protecting the future of Thai children to be safe from ‘dengue fever’

Fear that students will have 'dengue fever' in Bangkok and the private sector Push the project to help 10 schools.

In this project, partners have joined hands to organize workshops. It is an activity that will give children information. More than 7,900 students and teachers from 10 schools are being trialled in the Bangkok area as follows:

1. Kingpetch School

2. Wat Ratchasingkhon School

3. Wichit Wittaya School

4. Wat Pathum Wanaram School

5. Phatthana Village Community School

6. Senanikom School

7. Wat Chaionkol School

8. Bangkapi High School

9. Ysgol Surao Bandon

10. Mathayom Prachaniwet

to create knowledge and understanding of the subject ‘dengue fever’ including how to protect yourself from ‘dengue fever’ by controlling the larval population and Aedes aegypti The most important thing to solve the prevention and control problem ‘dengue fever’ in a sustainable community Schools participating in this project practice skills and use integrative thinking to manage larval size and revenue for the best free school search competition ‘dengue fever’ next

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