Fear when opposing teams come here: Hazelwood with the wordplay before the final Test

India: The last match of the Australia Test series starts tomorrow in Brisbane. He said Australia had the most mental dominance in Brisbane. He warned India that Brisbane was Australia’s best ground.

But it is a fact that Australia have not known defeat here since 1988.
55 Test matches have been played in Brisbane. Of these, Australia won 33 and drew 14 Tests. Australia have lost just eight Tests here.

Hazelwood is confident that the Indian team can beat Brisbane
He also scoffed that opposing teams were even afraid to come and compete on Brisbane soil.

However, the Indian team’s record so far at the Brisbane Ground is deplorable .The Indian team has played six Tests at Brisbane to date.
Played. But India did not win a single match here .The result of the match was six defeats and one draw. India did not play in Brisbane when they won the historic series on the 2018-19 tour. However, after 1988
Australia will go down with a rare record of not knowing defeat. Therefore, that achievement will be reflected in the performance of the Australian team.

The Brisbane Test starts at 5.30 am Indian time tomorrow. In the four-Test series, India and Australia have won each and every match. The third Test in Sydney ended in a draw. With this, the series winners will be judged by Brisbane. The final Test begins with injury setbacks for both teams.

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