Feast of future transportation… Seoul~Busan 20 minutes’Dream Train’ comes

◆ CES 2021 ◆

picture explanationUS Virgin Hyperloop’s high-speed capsule train’Hyperloop’. [사진 제공 = 버진하이퍼루프]

“For future cars, like smartphones, wireless updates over-the-air (OTA) will become more and more important.”

“The era of hyperloops, which will carry passengers to cities and cities at 600 miles per hour (965 km), will be opened.”

This is the future of mobility that appeared in CES 2021. GM’s Vice President of R&D, Matt Chen, spoke as a lecturer on the 13th (local time) and said, “The importance of OTA, a wireless update in the automobile industry, will become increasingly important.” This will be,” he said. “I don’t think that traditional automakers can’t keep up with emerging companies like Tesla,” said Chen. “If we combine our technology with new technologies such as the Ultium platform developed with LG Chem, we will do well enough.” Added.

Steve Conic, Vice Chairman of CTA Research, greatly expanded the future of mobility △Service-type Mobility (MaaS) △Mobile communication-based vehicle/object communication (C-V2X) that shares real-time information between vehicles, pedestrians, and infrastructure △Autonomous driving △ I picked it up as electrification.

In the session of’Autonomous Transportation’, Sarah Lucian, director of Virgin Hyperloop, looked into the future of Hyperloop as public transportation. Hyperloop is a super-fast capsule train that runs from Seoul to Busan in 20 minutes. Virgin Hyperloop succeeded in a manned driving test last November at the Debrup Test Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“We have successfully tested the 500m track with humans,” said Lucien. “Based on this technology, we can increase the speed to 600 miles per hour in the future.” “Hyperloop, which connects cities and cities at high speed, will be a new solution for public transport in the future,” he continued. In addition, at this CES, vehicles that are smarter and faster than before were introduced one after another by introducing innovative technologies. German finished car brand BMW introduced the next-generation version of the new operating system’BMW iDrive’. It is characterized by being able to receive warnings of dangerous situations from nearby BMW vehicles and notify the driver. Information about parking spaces around the destination can also be checked in advance.

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