February Fish seasonal fisherman, how to eat for health?

A fish that is as ugly as its name, but loved by Koreans because of its delicious taste.
In terms of oriental medicine, warm nature … Healthy food that helps blood circulation in winter
Rich in protein, vitamins and omega 3… Great for improving memory and preventing adult diseases
Risk of whale worm infection… When cooking, remove the intestines and cook thoroughly.

‘Steamed monkfish’ is a representative dish made using monkfish. Provided by Jaseng Korean Medicine Hospital

Angler fish is the ugliest of fish, but many love it for its delicious taste. This fish got its scary name because of its large mouth and grey-brown appearance. It is even called ‘Devil Fish’ in the West.

Anglerfish is a fish that was ignored by people in the past, unlike now. Even in the 1980s, when overfishing was common, it was discarded because it was an ugly fish. However, due to its chewy and soft texture unlike its appearance, monkfish meals are now treated as a delicacy.

Monkfish is a healthy and nutritious food that everyone loves because it can be enjoyed in different ways, such as steamed monkfish steamed with bean sprouts and seasoning, as well as tang monkfish, grilled and poaching, especially before the spring spawning season. In February, when monkfish are in season, we present how to enjoy tasty and healthy monkfish.

According to the medical community on the 1st, fish anglers are nutritionally suitable for all ages and sexes. It is rich in protein, which is useful for growth and development, and contains large amounts of vitamins A, D, and E, so it is good for eye health care and anti-aging.

In addition, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is a comprehensive nutrient, as the vitamin B2 and collagen components of the skin are also useful for skin beauty.

Kang Man-ho, director of Jaseng Korean Medicine Hospital, said, “When fishing fish meets other ingredients, the taste and nutrition become richer.

Monkfish is a warming ingredient in oriental medicine and is a healthy food that helps blood circulation in the cold winter. Therefore, for those who usually have a full stomach and have difficulty digesting, we recommend Agwitang with warm spices such as garlic and ginger, and radish and chives. On the other hand, if you have a lot of heat in your body, you can enjoy health and taste at the same time by enjoying steamed monkfish with cold bean sprouts and water parsley.

In particular, the liver of sea fish is considered a delicacy and is known as the ‘foie gras of the sea’ among gourmets. Wormfish liver contains more than 20 times the daily recommended amount of omega 3 fatty acids ‘EPA’ and ‘DHA’, preventing adult diseases such as dementia, hyperlipidemia, and rheumatoid arthritis and helping to improve memory.

However, the ferret’s liver must be wary of overeating. In particular, excessive intake of ‘vitamin A’ by pregnant women can adversely affect the growth and development of the foetus, and the mother can also suffer from central nervous system disease.

In addition, there are many gout-causing ‘purines’ in the liver of fishing fish, so if you have a high level of uric acid in your blood, it is wise to enjoy it in moderation.

Director Kang Man-ho said, “When cooking angler fish at home, the angler fish may be infected with whale worms, so you must remove the intestines and cook it before eating.” If symptoms appear, seek medical attention immediately. “

Lee Seung-gu Online News Reporter

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