FEC finds 142 new cases of infection to keep an eye on Bangkok after having continued patients

The FDA found 142 new cases of COVID infected in 125 countries through proactive surveillance and search systems. The accumulated 12,795 infected people are ready to put in place measures to control the epidemic in Bangkok after the latest “DJ Bael” infected. Pointed out as a travel hub and crowded with many people.

Thaweesil Wissanu Yothin, MD, spokesman for the Center for Coronavirus Outbreak Situation 2019 (FABC) revealed that the situation with COVID-19 was found today (21 Jan ’64). The 142 new cases were 125 domestic infections, derived from surveillance and service systems, 88 people and proactive search in the community, 37 and 17 foreign travelers and entered state-provided quarantine facilities.

As a result, 12,795 confirmed cases were 10,468 domestic infections from proactive screening, 4,167 out of 2,327 foreign travelers and 1,731 state-provided quarantine facilities, with 221 more recoveries. Well 9,842 people in treatment, 2,882 deaths 71

Number of patients from the surveillance system and the service system A large number of infected cases were also found in Samut Sakhon province, 63 new patients, Bangkok 14, Ang Thong 4, Nonthaburi 2, while proactive search in the community was found in Samut Sakhon 29 people, Bangkok 2, Pathum Thani 3, Chanthaburi 3.

“In the small SEC meeting, Samut Sakhon is an important agenda to discuss By requiring factories with more than ten thousand factories to be set up for 60 factories per day, 2,000-3,000 inspections per day or 60 workers per factory to complete the inspection by the end of this month. And received cooperation from all parties “

Bangkok still found a 2-digit number of people infected because it was a travel hub. With a large number of people, the gathering had to be especially watched in order to put in place a preventative approach, just as in Samut Sakhon Province. The proactive search is continuous. Because the infection of the people is spread from many groups And infected in many circles

“Now I found the connection to the DJ Bael. Which works to organize items in the delivery room So let’s talk about personal hygiene … Right now, it’s not a Super Spreader yet, but I appreciate the anonymity. And timeline each day If there is a process for this personal information disclosure, it will allow stakeholders to acknowledge and discriminate at their own risk.

It is also recommended to use the phase shield. Can’t prevent infection Because it’s just a partition Not protected from spray. Have a chance to infect Therefore, spacing 2 meters and wearing a mask Prevention is best


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