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The US Federal Reserve (Fed) will hold an interest rate decision meeting this week Due to high expectations from last week’s inflation data, the market is also keeping a close eye on the interest rate hike by the Federal Reserve, which in turn affecting the trend of global stock markets The Department of Statistics of the Ministry of Economic Affairs is expected to publish 8 The monthly export order data is likely to show two blacks in a row In addition, Evergreen will resume trading tomorrow after the capital reduction. , the industry has been affected by the recent reduction in freight rates, and the outside world is also worried about the capital reduction. The following is the announcement of major events this week:

The Fed announced the interest rate decision early Thursday morning, and the market estimated that the interest rate would be raised by 3-4 yards.

The US Federal Reserve is holding an interest rate decision-making meeting this week. The decision-making results are expected to be announced early Thursday morning, Taiwan time. At the same time, it will release the economic and inflation forecasts and the interest rate forecast point chart The outside world expects US inflation data in August to be higher than expected. , the Federal Reserve is bound to raise interest rates again in order to counter inflation, and the rate of interest rate increases falls in the range of 3-4 yards.

According to past practice, the central bank of Taiwan will also hold a meeting of directors and supervisors on the same day. The market believes that due to the relatively stable prices in Taiwan and the slowdown in export momentum, it is expected to raise interest rates by half size, showing three consecutive quarters of interest rate increases.

Two factors interfere with export orders in August, which may sustain negative growth and collapse in succession

Due to the decline in final market demand due to global inflation, and the adjustment of customer inventory exceeding expectations, Taiwan’s export orders unexpectedly turned black in July, and in August due to global inflation- wide, industrial chain optimization and destocking, and last year’s high note base period, export sales in August Orders are likely to show consecutive blackouts, with an estimate of US$51.5-53 billion, a monthly decrease of 2.3%-5.1% and an annual decrease of 0.9 %-3.7%.

Evergreen’s capital reduction market is attracting attention

Due to the recent drop in freight rates, the stock prices of Wan Hai (2615-TW) and Yang Ming (2609-TW) have also weakened, and even fallen back to last year’s rising point. The world is outside also very high Evergreen (2603-TW) will resume trading tomorrow after the market.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange published the latest SCFI composite index (Shanghai Export Container Freight Index) last week, which fell for 14 consecutive weeks. Compared with the previous week, it slightly converged to 9.7%, and Line fell Western United States 12.45% of it is a single week.

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