FEED is organizing a big event “FEED Y CAPITAL, Capital City Series Y” on September 24 in Siam Square.

FEED is organizing a big event “FEED Y CAPITAL, Capital City Series Y” on September 24 in Siam Square.

Big and full! Appealing to the young Y line community with the most powerful event of the year FEED Y CAPITAL, the capital of the Y Event series which brings the hottest Y line duo together in one place. Let the fandoms scream for a long time on Saturday, September 24, 2022 at SIAM SQUARE, car park 3 (SEE FAH).

Come and meet the union of 8 actors from the series Y, Sudbang, Bun-Nopanat Kanthachai and Prem-Warut Chawalitujiwong. Two monks who contributed many times to each other Whether it’s a story like a red thread, juepan and me, Mr Athit, and then Ja-Pachara Suansri and First-Chalongrat Nob Samrong, Dom Jiew’s two favorite people. There are many uses for Finchik Pillow.

Continue with Boss Chaikamol Sermsongwittaya, Noeul-Naththarat Tangwai, Ford-Thitipong Sengnang and Pete-Wasuthon Chaijinda, leading actors from the series Atmosphere Love. The Series (Love in The Air The Series) served the fans. have kept the most impressive moments close

Don’t miss out on FWYDO The Capital Awards 2022, a unique awards ceremony. This will provide encouragement to the personnel involved in driving the Y Series, making Thailand the capital of Y Series exports to the global market.

There is also a special Chat Session event, joining the conversation with the Y line guru with In-Sarin Ronnakiat, representative of the Y series, May-Orawan Wichayawankul, author and organizer of TharnType The Series. Creator of the phenomenon of window dressing through the far reaches of the world and Chiwin-Thanamin Wongsakulpat Director of the first Y-series in Thailand on the topic ‘Thailand, the capital of Y-series to the world market’, run by the hottest presenter Bam-Pitipat Kutrakul and don’t miss Y FAIR, a fair that brings products related to Sai Y, such as products that the actor presents Books and novels, Sai Yai, etc., for fans to shop in full.

Mr Prapt Bunpan, Deputy Managing Director of Technology and Digital Media, Matichon Group, revealed that FEED is a new media product from Matichon Group. ready to present new types of content in line with the various lifestyles of people in modern society and try to move in to understand and get to know the new generation of media users

“The ‘FEED THE CAPITAL, Y Capital Series’ event includes the presentation of interesting content. About the Y series development of the Thai entertainment industry on the website Throughout September 2022 there is one such effort. and I hope that Grŵp Matichon The FEED content production team, event attendees at Siam Square and readers-viewers of content in the online world will learn, absorb and participate in new experiences this time together.”

Mr. Sompattana Klaiwichian, Director of Digital Media, Matichon Group, added that in addition to FEED, it will present social phenomena, lifestyles, entertainment, sports, careers, inspiring people through Facebook, YouTube, Instagram. , most recently, website, FEED’s focus has always been on embracing diversity, such as the role of LGBTI people. therefore presenting such stories continuously through all channels of FWYDO

“Feed Y CAPITAL aims to be an awareness raising area for the development of the current attack. It is also a channel open to all parties involved in the current failure. presented the possibility including helping to look at the direction of growth of such a current which is an important soft power and it is expected that this event will attract a large number of interested participants.”

For FEED is an online domain. for recording contemporary phenomena A new power to drive society Lifestyle media under the Matichon Group Presenting content through all social media channels The website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Tiktok are aware of social equality. and gender equality Therefore, it has opened a space to present content related to the Y entertainment industry on all platforms to support other Thai soft power.

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