Feel and dance! “Mae Pong” shows steps with the girls “The Glass Girl” for the first time after wearing (watch the clip)

Mr. Sompong Nakornthaisong or “Mae Pong” dances to the song “Don’t Come” by the idol girl group “The Glass Girl” for the first time after becoming secular.

From the case of the former Phra Maha Sompong Tanputto or Mr. Sompong Nakhonthaisong, who retired from the yellow robes yesterday (December 29) and has begun to live a fully secular life.

Latest today (Dec. 30) TikTok named “theglassgirlsofficial” which is an idol girl group “The Glass Girl” by “Mae Pong” and members of the band. got to dance to show the song “Don’t Come” which is the first dance in my life after wear When the dance was finished, “Mae Pong” was exhausted. with the message, “practicing for 2 months, teaching Mae Pong to dance for 2 minutes, please leave a song “Don’t come” #Theglassgirls “

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