Feeling bad, ‘Chek Chananrut’, the hero of the series Explaining the news of women and children until he was struck by lightning

become a hot drama That many people have been wondering for many days Who is this? The main character of the series Y cael plant – get a wife until he is released from the lightning drama until today “Check Chananruj Sirasasithat” young protagonist Who is currently working on the drama “Tuan Thara” with Channel 3 and the series Y of Betrayal House Of Stars Which is due to be released on Channel One 31 soon, he came out to a conference i’ the press with a wife and a lawyer

Since the news acronym came out, do we know it’s us?
Check: I know because I actually got fired. But when I read the content in the news, it is not true. So I want to come out and make a statement here.

The news that said he had been released because he hid his wife and child This is not true?
check: yes

And do we know the reason for your release?
Chek: I don’t know about this either, but… is the news that actually came out, I know that my wife and children are devastated. Including the camp So I would like to clarify.

Retired here not participating in the show anymore?
Check: I’ll have to wait and see.

We know that we do not play the main character 1 day before the sacrifice, is that correct, and what was the reasoning?
Check: That’s right, uh…

Lawyer: Actually, it’s an internal matter of the company he spoke to. So, in this section, we will have to talk to the company again. Therefore, I must ask permission not to answer first.

We think that having a family with us is going to play the series, does it have an effect?
Chek: Effective, but he actually knew from the beginning. So I asked some questions and asked ‘Will you let me… leave?’ but he said ‘It’s fine’.

Do you still want to play this series?
Check: My feelings are bad. Because I myself spent a long time preparing for the role of the main character.

After the event, the organizer Or has the camp contacted us again?
Check: Actually, I have already inquired from the camp. But I still haven’t got any response, that is, for the last 3-4 days, I was worried too. because of the wife and the children Especially the child is about to go to school. So, when there is news that the wife and the child are hidden, in reality it is a child if it grows up. And having come to know fake news like this, it could have an effect on his mind.

"Check Chananruj Sirasasithat"

What is the plan for clearance then?
Lawyer: I’ll have to look later. because we intend to go in to talk and discuss Because a part of Nong Shake is coming to consult with me I have seen the details in the contract to some extent. And the moment would be in terms of conditions that will go into discussing and presenting that Can the camp accept? And can he accept it?

Wife: myself I’m only worried about the child. Because he is about to go to school soon.

Many fans admired Because he really saw And we were both clear throughout?
Wife: Thank you very much, both supporters from the beginning. and new fans We would like to say thank you for believing in us. believe in our family

Encouragement, checks too much?
Chek: Thank you to everyone for understanding and sympathizing with us, but now there is a trend that bounces back to the camp. who I don’t want his camp to be harmed because he already knew from the beginning So it was getting news like this and it hurt him. So I’m worried.

There haven’t been any lawsuits yet, right?
Solicitor: Prepare to talk and negotiate the contract. As for the prosecution, we haven’t seen it yet. And also have to see what the contract says conditions we are discussing What about the camp side conditions? We have to discuss again.

Has the contract stated that we will play any role and how?
Solicitor: The contract did not specify the details of what role he was playing. This is one reason. But I studied this way. Legally, if there is an agreement with the actors on what role they will play. In law, it will interpret as intended. more than the text of the contract I studied this first This is one of the conditions we will probably talk about.

Changing before the day of worship like this Is there a mistake?
Lawyer: Well, I guess the company saw that it wasn’t wrong. because he quoted from the contract But really, what I’ve learned is 1. the actor’s feelings 2. about setting up from the beginning Set him up to play which character? And there is no change until close to the day of the sacrifice. So the intentions of both sides had to be looked at. I have to come and talk.

confirm that the company always knew we had children?
Check: Correct.

Has the contract stated that it is forbidden to launch a love?
Solicitor: The details of the contract don’t say that. But the fact that I spoke to him is that the management know what his status is.

The trend of our work after this Do we want to continue in the entertainment industry?
Check: Must wait to see the opportunity to enter.

Will he prosecute those who spread the news that they have hidden their children and wives?
Solicitor: For this, it is one thing that affects children. What law says releasing or exploiting images is one thing. and I spoke to his younger brother And speaking to his parents, his brothers and sisters is … I ask to see where I can’t really accept. and will consider prosecuting that part

Some news that is presented without specifying that he is a younger person can be prosecuted?
Lawyer: If we look at the evidence and it doesn’t work, we probably won’t do it, but if something is clear and we can prove it. We must act. If the younger one is damaged, especially with children

Check: the evidence must be looked at.

How is your state of mind at the moment?
Check: Bad, because the news is not true, to tell the truth, I brought my wife here today. Because I want everyone to know that I’m not hiding. I want him to confirm one more time.

How do we feel as women?
Wife: I’m sorry, I’ve been with him until now. And I saw that he was very determined. Very determined.

Personally, check, we think that having a family like this Does it make it harder for us to work in the entertainment industry?
Check: It’s hard, I understand I can’t do anything with it right now. But we have already spoken to the camp that we have something like this. And if we withdraw, will it be ok? But he replied that he was fine. So I took this responsibility from the beginning.

We only signed an agreement to star in the story. Or did you sign a contract with the camp as well?
Lawyer: There is a contract. There is an agreement for both actors in the story. and camp performers

Now, does the check itself have stress or weight in any matter?
Check: Yes, there is We were both stressed since the first day the news came out. But we always encourage each other, especially the child, he is our encouragement.

Suppose if there is no news today If someone asks us one day How do we answer?
Check: In the past, I have never hidden it. On Instagram, I revealed In his wife’s Instagram I will have a child and a child.

Recently, our wife has also posted an Instagram story ?
Woman: Well, I feel like we’re still new here. and would like everyone to sympathize. That is, if there is something wrong, I want to sympathize with us.

Check: We don’t see it as a mistake. But we’re looking at it at this point, the camp or the adult. He was more concerned about the interests of the company.

Lawyer: Well, partly, uh… because of today’s announcement, we saw that some pages write conditions on the company’s side. There is a reason if in the business part he can understand, but as I learned that business part contract part The intention you agree with the actor is part of it, so let’s talk. But to shake him being treated like this is that he was immediately what he could not set himself up and the company was unable to explain This is where confusion arises.

At first we were cast as the main character. Now the episode has changed to what episode?
Check: In the clip that day on the sacrifice I answered that I was a secret character. Because he hasn’t got me a script yet.

Are you heartbroken at all because it’s like we’re secret characters even though the script doesn’t exist yet?
Chek: Paew, I feel very bad…that’s it.

Is there anything you would like to say to our supporters?
Check: Our family is very grateful to everyone. who understand and sympathize with and are ready to support us

Wife : Thank you for believing in my family since the beginning.

Still moving on to continue the dream of being an actor?
Check: If there is an opportunity

"Check Chananruj Sirasasithat"