Feels like walking on clouds! HyperX in Taiwan

▲ The hot new product released on May 31st, ‘HyperX Cloud III’

At some point, more and more companies set up separate exhibition areas during large-scale events. It all started with a global company representing the field. The reason is not clear, but it may have started with a conflict between the desire to show everything from a particular company and the limitations of the space in the exhibition hall. As a result, I’m rather good. It is much easier this way than the exhibition site because it is so difficult and difficult that 80% of the articles on the site account for one picture that shows the product through the crowds.

Gaming gear brand HP at ‘2023 Computex’ held in Taiwan from May 30 to June 2 HYPERX In addition, it set up an outdoor booth in the Huahua 1914 Creative Park located in Zhongzheng District, Taipei, not in the Nangang Showroom, to unveil the new headset ‘HYPERX Cloud III’ from its long-selling lineup.

The cloud headset lineup, which has been loved by many gamers for its unique design, great performance, and reasonable price, has greatly improved compatibility with consoles such as 53mm drivers, PC, PS series, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox , and is available introduced the lineup on May 31. new product.

Also, ‘HYPERX Cirro Buds Pro True Wireless Earbuds (HyperX Cirro Buds Pro True Wireless Earbuds)’ which supports three colors was released. The product supports a full charge in 40 minutes through the charging case, and can be used for 35 hours at a time. Colors include tan (light gray), black, and a unique deep blue to expand user options. However, the plan to release the Shiro Buzz Pro headphones in Korea has not been decided.

As befits a booth that commemorates the launch of a new cloud lineup, I took pictures of the HyperX booth, where you could feel a somewhat dreamlike atmosphere floating on the clouds.

▲ I thought it would be a bit lost when I got to the site because it was so long.

▲ The huge HyperX booth greeted me

▲ At the entrance, the new product Cloud III a

▲ I managed to meet the limited edition Call of Duty keycaps, which are supposed to be prizes from the event.

▲ On one side of the wall, the history of the cloud headset is expressed in three dimensions together with the product.

▲ Beautiful things are big

▲ Gaming and streaming domain featuring HyperX products

▲ If Nike is black in the world of shoes, HyperX is definitely black in the world of headphones.

▲ ‘Hyper X Duo Cast White Version’, which has no competitors as an introductory microphone

▲ Small! cute! beautiful! ‘HyperX 60 Pink Alloy Origin’

▲ Hoping for the domestic landing of HyperX Amada monitors.

▲ Huh? what kind of sweets? It is said to be a Taiwanese custom to wish for success.

▲ There was room for you to experience the Cloud III and watch product information and videos.

▲ If you look closely, you can see that the headphone line is strangely reminiscent of the company’s headphones.

▲ I turned the product image upside down to help understand, it appears correct

▲ Reporter Park, a unique model of the IT Inven headset, listens to the product description in detail

▲ Preliminary expansion candidate report

▲ A real model appeared

▲ Cloud III is very beautiful

▲ There was a bar with a HyperX concept in the corner.

▲ ‘HyperX Ciro Buzz Pro True Wireless Earbuds’ without a domestic release schedule

▲ A picture of a model in dark blue, which is not common, stands out

▲ Ha Deok-hee cannot be left out

▲ “Would you like a cocktail?” Unfortunately luckily it’s alcohol free

▲ Finish with whipped cream made by the bartender!

▲ The cocktails are so beautiful

▲ An image that goes well with the name Cloud

▲ On the weekend, a famous Taiwanese influencer also plans to visit.

▲ The flag is so beautiful

▲ The HyperX booth in Taiwan was enjoyable as if floating on clouds throughout!


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