Female college students are boarding housekeepers, “the monthly income is more than 40,000 yuan”, and they open a shop and buy a car before graduation… She tells the truth | International | QUANTITY

Interest can also make a career! There is a female college student surnamed Lin in Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China. Because she liked it, she taught herself nail art. Later, she came up with the idea of ​​doing nail art in the dormitory, and it came from up to a professional also a teacher to teach At first, there were not many customers, but she continues until now. The monthly income is more than 1 Ten thousand yuan (about NT$43,000), not only open nail salon, but also buy a car, realize the freedom of wealth.

According to the report “White Deer Video”, a female college student surnamed Lin used to like doing nails, and then she slowly taught herself to do nail art, and started a nail art business in the school dormitory. For the reason this, she found a professional teacher to study on her own There are relatively few customers, and many people do not support and understand, but she has not given up because of this So far, she has gradually gained fame and more and more customers, and its monthly income is more than 10,000 RMB.

Female college students have been given the financial freedom to do nail art in the new year for the younger. (Photo / flip from Weibo)

The female college student surnamed Lin disclosed her income in November, and received 178 transactions, totaling 12,380.5 yuan, with an average of nearly 70 yuan each. Now she has opened her own nail shop and bought a car that she likes. He said bluntly: “I can do the work I like, buy the things I like, and I’m very satisfied.”

After the news broke, heated discussions arose, with netizens extolling: “Awesome, I finished my post-graduation without graduating!”, “The ability to make money can’t really be learned just by learning”, “This shows that people have entrepreneurial minds It’s not about studying hard, it’s about discovering more plastic talents, aiming to nurture excellent people from all walks of life”, “Working will hard makes you shine!”, “This is for business, not for school”.

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