Female Taiwanese Police Officer Arrested for Leaking Intelligence to Con-Man Boyfriend

Taiwanese police have apprehended a female police officer who allegedly leaked classified information to her con-artist boyfriend. The officer, known as A, was issued an arrest warrant by the district court on charges of divulging official secrets and falsifying documents.

During an investigation into a fraud group, authorities discovered that Officer A had frequent phone conversations with members of the criminal organization. Further investigation revealed that she improperly accessed the police system and unlawfully retrieved personal information of at least 20 individuals, including her boyfriend who was involved in the fraud activity.

Officer A, who comes from a wealthy family, joined the police force in October 2014. However, reports indicate that her work attitude had caused controversy in the past. Back in 2015, she made headlines for purchasing three seats on the high-speed rail and taking a selfie that exposed her toes, which stirred up public attention.

Her misconduct did not stop there. Officer A even accessed her ex-boyfriend’s vehicle records when he started dating another woman. Following this series of controversies, she was transferred to a different area last July. Interestingly, she made her grand entrance on her first day at the new location in a luxurious foreign car, a Bentley.

Meanwhile, the Taipei Police Department is considering terminating Officer A’s employment. They have also pledged to conduct further investigations to determine if the personal information she provided her boyfriend’s accomplices was utilized for illegal purposes or other criminal activities.

It is imperative to ascertain the full extent of Officer A’s collaboration with the fraud group and the potential harm caused by her actions. The case underscores the importance of maintaining the trustworthiness and integrity of law enforcement personnel. The consequences of such breaches of duty can be severe, as witnessed in this instance. The affected individuals deserve justice, and the authorities must ensure full accountability for Officer A’s actions. Reporter Seung-gon Han

[파이낸셜뉴스] A female police officer has been caught by police in Taiwan after passing on police intelligence materials for her con-man boyfriend.

According to Taiwanese media, including the Jayu Times, on the 26th, the district court issued an arrest warrant for female police officer A on charges of leaking official secrets and falsifying documents on the 24th.

Previously, while investigating the case of a fraud group, Taiwanese police confirmed that a female police officer from the Taipei City Police Department had several phone calls with members of the fraud group.

The investigation revealed that the female police officer accessed the office’s police system and illegally searched for at least 20 pieces of personal information about her boyfriend, who was a member of the fraud group.

This female police officer, whose family is known to be wealthy, joined the police force in October 2014. However, Taiwanese media reported that her poor work attitude caused controversy.

Also, in 2015, he caused a stir by buying three seats while using the high-speed rail (THSR), sitting on them, and taking a selfie exposing his toes.

The misdeeds of the female police officer did not end there, and she even looked at her ex-boyfriend’s car records when he met another woman.

Because of this controversy, female police officer A was transferred to another area last July.

However, he is said to have turned up in a luxury foreign car, a Bentley, on his first day of work.

Meanwhile, the Taipei Police Department is said to be planning to fire female police officer A. In addition, they announced that they would further investigate whether the personal information passed on to the cheater’s girlfriend was being used for illegal purposes or criminal. Reporter Seung-gon Han

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