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[Fencing]Cheung Ka-Lang is awarded an honorary doctorate by PolyU

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[Tilu News]Hong Kong’s “Sword God” gets another honor! The Tokyo Olympic men’s foil gold medalist Jia Lang was awarded an honorary doctorate degree by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. PolyU President Teng Jinguang said that Zhang Jialang has a spirit of perseverance and daring to “make great ambitions and seek breakthroughs”, showing perseverance and never giving up The excellent quality is a good model for the younger generation.

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University announced today that it has awarded Zhang Jialang an honorary doctorate, as well as Yang Mengfei, an expert in space technology, the commander-in-chief and chief designer of the “Chang’e-5” probe system. According to PolyU, Zhang Jialang has been passionate about fencing since he was a child. He decided to embark on the road of a full-time athlete when he was 15 years old. He has participated in countless international competitions over the years and has achieved great results. , Is the best role model for young people. His outstanding achievements in fencing sports have promoted Hong Kong’s status in the international sports arena, and also aroused Hong Kong people’s attention to sports and brought Hong Kong’s sports development to a higher level.

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