Fenway Sports Group Agrees to £164m Share Sale to Alleviate Bank Debts Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

Fenway Sports Group Agrees to Sell Liverpool Shares to US Sports Investment Company

In a bid to alleviate financial strains caused by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, Fenway Sports Group (FSG), the owner of Liverpool Football Club, has reached an agreement to sell a portion of the club’s shares to a prominent US sports investment company. The deal, valued at a staggering £164m, marks a significant step towards addressing the club’s bank debts.

The Confirmation

FSG, helmed by the esteemed American billionaire John W. Henry, has publicly confirmed their intention to welcome new investors who would acquire a stake in the club. This development comes as FSG recently announced their agreement to sell minority shares to Dynasty Equity, a distinguished US sports investment entity.

A statement released on the official Liverpool Football Club website on September 28 reaffirmed FSG’s commitment to the deal with Dynasty Equity. The funds generated from this transaction will be utilized for multiple purposes, including repaying bank debts incurred during the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Furthermore, the capital injection will contribute towards crucial initiatives such as the refurbishment of Anfield, the construction of the cutting-edge AXA Training Centre, the repurchase of the Melwood training ground, and strengthening the team through investments in the summer transfer market.

A Clarification

However, it is important to note that while the sale of these minority shares is projected to yield a staggering £164m (approximately 7.33 billion baht) for Liverpool Football Club, this sum is not expected to impact the club’s overall budget consolidation. Moreover, no additional injections are anticipated from this particular transaction.

Fenway Sports Group (FSG), Liverpool’s owner, has agreed to sell part of the club’s shares to a US sports investment company for £164m to help pay off bank debts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the FSG led by John W. Henry, an American billionaire. Came out to confirm that the “Red” are accepting new investors to buy some of the club’s shares.

As recently as September 28, the Liverpool club website confirmed that FSG had agreed to sell some of the club’s shares to Dynasty Equity, a US sports investment company. Money from the deal will be used to repay bank debt incurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, capital expenditure to refurbish Anfield, build the AXA Training Centre, Buy back the Melwood training ground and, most recently, invest in the summer transfer market.

Although the famous media “Telegraph” noted that Liverpool will receive money from the sale of such minority shares in the amount of 164 million pounds (about 7.33 billion baht), however, this amount will not be related to the consolidation budget. Or was there any additional injection to that part?

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