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“Fern” stumbles and falls, Spark Love “Phet” in the middle of the forest

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They ran into the forest because they were deceived by ghosts. In the drama “The Last Room No. 6”, instead of the heroine Petch Ananin and the heroine Fern-Noppachira, they get goosebumps, their hair is angry, but Ngai has a sweet scene. Riding on their backs and hugging each other in the middle of the forest!

It’s a scene where Guy (Phet) gives Piang Rak (Fern) to help shoot the La Tha Phi show together. But this work is fierce. Deceived until both of them ran away from the forest. Until only love stumbles and falls, sprained legs So he volunteered to just love to ride on his back and take him home.

Behind this scene, the group was filmed at Pannaphawong, Pathum Thani Province, where the couple, who were former lovers had the opportunity to come back closer again, causing the director Arm – Thatchapong Let’s adjust the mode after running away from ghosts for fans. I have come to enjoy with the sweet scene. Ready to order both of them to express the emotions of the characters to the fullest. When making an appointment to advise the queue until they understand each other well The director immediately ordered filming.

Starting with Petch and Fern running away from ghosts all night. until he got lost and walked in the middle of the forest to find his way back home But Fern, without heed, stumbled upon a stone and fell to the ground. The diamond part that follows closely Seeing it, he rushed to look at him with concern. and tried to help Fern get up until he realized that the fern had sprained legs Petch Loei volunteered for Fern to ride on her back. But Fern reluctantly hesitated. afraid the diamond will be heavy Petch therefore did not speak loudly, made a song, gathered Fern up for a ride on his back and immediately walked out. But this work carried a girl, even though I thought it would be hard to complain. But Ngai Phet secretly smiles with a happy face.

Ouch, ouch, or will this couple spark? until the old flame burns up again Must be able to follow in “The last room number 6” on Monday night, August 23 at 8:20 p.m. on Channel 31


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