Fernando Alonso handed out cash envelopes to McLaren F1 personnel[F1-Gate.com]

Former McLaren F1 team mechanic Mark Priestley claims that Fernando Alonso once handed out brown envelopes full of cash, so he preferred to be in his garage over Lewis Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso were teammates for just one year, but the partnership irritated each other.

With Lewis Hamilton making his F1 debut as a rookie and Fernando Alonso establishing himself as a two-time world champion, future seven-time world champion Hailton is expected to fill a role second only to Alonso. cause.

The rift between the two ended when Fernando Alonso deliberately stayed out of the pits to delay Lewis Hamilton’s qualifying attack for the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix.

But it became clear that the dirty tactics weren’t just limited to the track.

McLaren mechanic-turned-mechanic Mark Priestley told PitStop that Fernando Alonso once handed him a brown envelope containing €1,500.

“One of Fernando’s tactics is to pull the whole team to his side from the garage. He tries to wrestle with control,” said Mark Praestley, 45 years old.

“In 2007 Fernando appeared in the race and when I arrived Fernando’s manager or his trainer was handing out small brown envelopes full of cash to everyone who wasn’t in Lewis’ car.

“His team, his support team, ran T Carr’s team, and I remember each of us receiving that little brown envelope and opening the envelope. It was like €1,500 in it.”

“It was very dangerous. First I got a brown envelope with nothing written on it. He was like, ‘Thank you very much for that. What is this?’ It was full.”

“I started looking around and all my colleagues started asking ‘Did you open it?

“Suddenly it started to become clear what happened here. He was trying to get support. For example, people were working to support his side in this fierce battle.”

However, the tactic backfired when the McLaren F1 team found out and forced the recipient to donate the cash to charity.

“You could say it was a clever tactic, but in the end the team figured it out and had the whole amount donated to charity. This was fine, it was a little glimpse into two different mindsets.”

“Lewis did different things too. Lewis played a bit of a game with the media. They all got it wrong and they got it right. None of us are perfect, but we become the best F1 drivers. They were different in how they implemented their strategies for 2018. They both got great results, they had their own approaches and they were very different approaches.”

F1 veterans Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are now looking like better friends. Alonso blamed Hamilton over the radio after his crash at Spa, but received a Mercedes cap signed by Hamilton for a reconciliation photo.

Fernando Alonso Lewis Hamilton McLaren (2007)

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