Fernando Alonso “I think in F1 I can win the throne for the third time”[F1-Gate.com]

Fernando Alonso will move to Aston Martin in 2023, opening a new chapter in his F1 career.

During his two seasons with the Alpine F1 Team, Fernando Alonso’s efforts were often undermined, mainly by a series of reliability issues, falling short of expectations.

But despite the disappointing results in 2022, Alonso feels his performance level as a driver is back to what it was a decade ago.

“It’s about what you feel inside,” said Fernando Alonso in an interview with the BBC.

“In that sense, even if I scored good points and finished in a good position in the standings, I might not have had the best feeling.

“I may not have scored any points this year, but I know that next year I will switch to a new project and participate 100% in the sport again.”

Fernando Alonso has admitted he needs to regain confidence when he returns to F1 with the Alpine F1 Team in 2021 after two seasons away.

“I think last year I wasn’t 100% happy with my performance and the flow of the season,” said Alonso.

“I’m much happier with the car and the performance itself this year and I think I’m ready for the next challenge.”

“You can’t rule out being back in the sport, but it takes a few races or a season to feel 100% again and that’s what happened to me.”

“But now I feel I’m at a very good level and I’m happy.”

Fernando Alonso leaves Aston Martin with the same motivation and skill, but perhaps more importantly, the belief that one day he can challenge for the world championship.

41-year-old Fernando Alonso’s last F1 win came in 2013 at the Spanish Grand Prix, which seems like a tall order.

But Fernando Alonso believes in himself and the firm ambitions of Aston Martin expressed by team owner Lawrence Stroll.

“Finally winning the championship is my daily motivation and I think a third title is possible one day,” said Fernando Alonso.

“Maybe not next year, but who knows what the future holds. , after this year they hope to be better in the coming seasons.”

“They have a lot of new people in the team, great talent, new facilities, and I feel they are part of a moment where they can add something together and be world champions one day.”

“I don’t know if I will drive the car that year, but if not, I hope I will still be in the organization in some way and be proud of that championship.”

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