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Ferrari F1 representative “Honda’s F1 engine itself has not changed since the opening round”[F1-Gate .com]

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Ferrari F1 team representative Mattia Binotto does not support Mercedes’ view that the increased linear speed of Red Bull Honda is due to advances in Honda’s F1 engine.

Mercedes, who has lost in a row in the last four races, focused on the straight speed of the Red Bull Honda F1, and team representative Toto Wolff said that he “made a big step forward in the power unit.”

The 2021 F1 regulations prohibit F1 teams from bringing performance upgrades to power units, and specification changes are only allowed for reliability reasons.

Red Bull introduced a new power unit to the car prior to the F1 French Grand Prix weekend, but explained that its impressive linear speed was due to its low-drag setup and smaller rear wing.

Ferrari F1 team representative Mattia Binotto and Honda F1 may have had to reduce engine power in the early part of the season due to reliability concerns, and think that they are finally able to demonstrate full performance. ..

“The performance of Honda’s F1 engine when looking at the GPS data corresponds to the performance of the season opener in Bahrain, so I do not agree with the view of what I heard or read,” Mattia Binotto said. ..

“Then they had to slow down due to reliability issues, and I think solving that has brought them back to early season levels.”

“We haven’t made any progress. We’ve always had the same level of performance since Bahrain. It just allowed the engine to run that way.”

“It’s not allowed by regulation, so it’s not the cause of a step forward for Red Bull.”

Mattia Binotto also believes that the struggle Mercedes is experiencing may be the result of organizational instability in the last few months.

Mercedes has resigned from engine chief Andy Cowell and technical director James Allison over the past year, and has significantly delayed the deal with lead driver Lewis Hamilton.

“Before looking at the technical side, we must admit that Red Bull did a great job. They can rely on a team that has been stable for many years, so they point out that they are doing great. I think it’s correct, “commented Mattia Binotto.

“Even though they didn’t win and had to face difficulties, they continued to form groups to improve their cars, and now we’re looking Is the result of that work. “

“On the other hand, if you look at Mercedes, there may have been a major internal change already last year and the role may have changed. Moreover, the contract with the driver was finally reached in February.”

“I think those distracting signs led to the current situation.”

Mattia Binotto does not make a direct comparison with Ferrari’s situation, but reiterates that the best way for Ferrari to make long-term progress is to give time to show what the current structure can do. ..

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